Friday, September 14, 2012

Spa Village @PLR

Spa Village LOGO..saje nak upload ! hukhuk

the way to the treatment room..

the happy face ! at last dapat buat kuku kat sini after almost 7month stay in-house..
the expensive madi-pedi i ever had ! EVER ! it cost me 300MYR..WTF !! but it's worth it though..for the BLOODY RICH people ofcz ! ahaz :/
the actual price for the guest is around 400++

as usual..start with pedicure first ! i can't believe it took an hour each !!
1hour mani..1hour pedi..the expensive and the longest i ever had !!

while she doing the pedicure i will show u guys around ! ahaha
this picture is only to show u guys the view outside ! :D

the massage bed ! 
yup..doing mani-pedi in this room alone(i mean with the manicurist ofcoz)
so..u will feel comfortable and relax..

daybed !
normally after treatment they will let u have ginger tea here !

after an feet are done !
i love her !! very gentle and clean !

everything is good about her but one thing she couldn't do..
file my finger nails the way i wanted..round shape !

1st time cuba warna putih ! macam kapur or cat pulak..hmm..

but the whole treatment was good..i like it
and i continue with facial treatment the next day..

normally..if guest book for any treatment except mani-pedi..the staff will assist u to this area..
to wash ur feet before starting..

and then..straight away to the locker room to change ur clothe..
normally, dorang bawak pegi mandi dulu dekat 2 kolam..1 panas, 1 sejok..
 so dorang akan bagi pakai 1 kain tok berkemban..dark brown color..
but this time i tak pegi coz piyot..
so no pic guys..maybe next time..i hope ! ahakz 
but i straight away dipakaikan kain batik ala2 pario style.. :D

taraaaa..hakhak..kena tunggu facial therapist dekat spa library..
while having a ginger tea :D

the spa library area..beautiful and relaxing..

there is no picture during the treatment..
bilik treatment pown sama je macam mani-pedi tu..
this picture is after  the treatment, in the locker room..ahakz

i dunno exactly the price is coz this one is a complimentary..
but the treatment was good..very good..the therapist also good, polite and friendly..
she know everything..and i like her..

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