Friday, January 25, 2013

3D2N in KL !

Last Monday we went back to KL for Hubby's court case.. Hmmm.. Still pending, next month on the 22nd have to go back there for next Mention! Which means we have to postpone our 1st Anniversary treat.. But it's okay.. This case more important to follow up ! ;))

Crazily hungry! So, we stopped by at one of the Mamak Restaurant for breakfast before we start our journey.. I'm having red fried chicken ! The best fried chicken ever ! :D

This is my Monday outfit ;b

We had our lunch at Colonial Cafe at The Majestic Hotel KL ;) as usual, we stayed in Majestic Hotel because it's nearby the Industrial Court :D so easy for Hubs to go there ;)

Booo... LOL :b

My Tuesday outfit ! It's time to spend a day with my family ! ;D

Having Nando's for dinner.. :D sadly my mom, 2 sisters and stepfather working.. So they can't join us.. But it's okay.. We had fun, maybe next time can have 1 big family outing ! ;)

My last day outfit ! Time to go home :( but next week we have to go back KL again.. Hubby have to attend GM meeting ! Yeayyy.. See you soon KL ;D

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Resolution 2013 !

Hello guys.. Hope u are doing well.. So today I wanna share with you all one of the place that I'm dying to go.. Hopefully I can go by this year ! One of my resolution for 2013 ! LOL ;b means a lot more coming up right next :)


It's Santorini, Greece guys !! Damn it look like heaven !Doesn't it? Ahhhhhh.. Melting !

Gorgeous isn't it?! There are a lot more of beautiful pictures of this beautiful island ! But I will update when I go there soon.. In Shaa Allah ! Aminn ;))

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Addicted to Subway Surf !

Hey guys... Do you know about this games called Subway Surf? Coz right now me and my hubs kinda addicted to it.. Whenever we free, we will play this spectacular games.. How I know about this games? Hmm..I think it's about a week or 2 I was like checking my "App Store" for "Top Chart" (u can say that I'm kinda bored that time.. So, that's why I've been checking on the App Store) LOL.. So, I found this game, thought wanna give it a try, well, I'm bored right that time ;b then I ask my hubs to try the game and he asked me, "what game is that?"... as soon as his tried... he downloaded the game and now we Are Addicted to it !! :b

Her name is Tricky ! :D

You can choose your character here.. ;)

Run From the Police !! And collect as many coins as you can ! ;)

If you wearing this shoe, you can jump higher ! ;b

I'm trying to beat my Bestfriend ! :b and I did ! Sorry Hun ! :*

As you can see from the picture above.. She can run, running on top of the train, roll under the barrier, she can surf and that's the trick though ! If you're surfing and you run into the train or barrier you will still alive but if you're not surfing then game overrrr ! :b

Yeahhhh.. I'm top 6 ! It's really hard to beat this top 5 ! But hey.. I have a lot of time to beat your arse ! Watch out guys ;D owhh.. And as you can see my hubs right behind me ! Owhhh.. Godddd.. :b
Overall ! I give 10 star to this games ! Love it ! There is a lot more awesome stuff that happen in that game... you guys should try it to find out more ! It's fun !!! :D

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Do You Speak Blog?

Hey guys.. How you doing? This morning when I had my breakfast one of my friend (we barely talk to each other) LOL.. Her name is Mariana and she's Mexican and yup she's working here at Pangkor Laut Resort as an Assistant Guest Liaison Manager... So, she came to me and lent me 3 magazines, well, she knows I'm a lady of leisure so, she always lend me magazine to read and also DVD.. So kind of her.. ;))



Today I just want to share with you guys about this and this only.. LOL.. It just something that I felt like sharing.. :D hope u guys enjoyyyyy..





Well, well.. I speak blog.. do you? LOL.. Isn't it fun to read...? I want to read more about this superb magazine ! ;D keep it up COMPANY ! You have all my support ! XX