Monday, November 26, 2012

Back To KL Again

A week in KL..

back to KL for 5D4N... actually, we had to go back to KL again for my husband's court case but my father and his family came because my stepmother n 2 sisters wanted to go back to their village in Surabaya, so, we had to be there to send them to the airport... plus we haven't seen them for quite awhile so, this was the opportunity to meet them as well.

we stayed as usual at Vistana KL but this time for 3D2N only and another 3D2N we stayed in The Majestic Hotel KL. This is another new Luxurious Hotel from YTL, the opening will be on 1st of DECEMBER 2012. 

The Majestic Hotel KL room Corridor 

Our Room :D

this is a Junior Suite.

view from our room.

this is their Full Buffet Coffee House.

Lift Corridor 

beautiful Hotel I must say. 

this is their website

Saturday, November 17, 2012


21.01.2012 is my engagement day ! :b

yup.. it's like a year or what, but i wanted to post it anyway.. i dunno why suddenly remembered about the engagement day.. and owh ya i haven't blog about it yet.. why not i share it here with yo'll.. since i've got nothing to do n there is plenty of time aite, plus.. better late then never.. LOL

here's some pic.. well, i actually felt something not right when my husband set a date for 2, at Sheraton Hotel Kuala Lumpur.. yup, that is where he proposed to me ! :D 

Miss Diamond

so, everything looks normal, we had our dinner and just right before the desserts were served we had a little argument.. i nearly left the place but i tried to be calm.. and here u go, the desserts comes n also the Chef (can't remembered his name) with a little tiny box and gave that box to me and i barely see them and as soon as i can, i cried because we just argued just now n here u are, a ring ! and he proposed to me.. and of coz i said YES, thats why we are married right now ! aite..LOL ;D

well, we got engaged for a month before we got married.. yeah, can you imagine there is only a month to plan everything for the wedding, ofcoz a little bit pressure there, plus i have to do it all alone since my husband just got transfered to PLR. ofcoz i have family n friends but they all have their things to do as well aite.. so i just don't want to disturb them if i could help it.

ofcoz, everyone in this world wants the best for their big day like this, so do i, but unfortunately, i can't have it like a fairytale like i wanted to, but still i thankful for my big day, even though its small but its mean a lot for me.. and i really love it ! :))

i have to confess that we did it a little bit rush, coz my husband have to transfered to PLR so, if i want to follow him then we have to get married, why? because of the society.. LOL.. 
so, we planned solemnize first and a few months later only do the ceremony.. but its already 9 months now and i can't think why i should do the ceremony anymore.. obviously the ceremony is not for the groom n bride.. if i do it now i think it's just a waste of money.. i think i should just spend the money on us, more like it.. you know.. honeymoon abroad, LOL

so, i decided not to waste the money on the ceremony and not even think about the ceremony anymore.. it just gonna give me headache.. :b so, we are now planning to fly to europe.. hopefully, pray for it !! :)) 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Cinta Hati Hamba

My jelita niece !

she was born on 02.12.2011

  various form and style

naughty gal.. don't wanna walk but fly ! LOL

when she with her papa, she will completely ignore other people .. dunno why, maybe because her papa very tall, so, she become swank.. LOL

Break Fasting with the Girls ;)

I know it's already a few month after the fasting month.. But I just thought wanna post it anyway.. LOL.. Forgot to post it earlier ! LOL

So, this is my closest friends ever ! Or also called Best Friend !! LOL.. We've been friend about 7 years.. Even though I've been travel a lot here and there (domestic) but we still contact each other.. ;)

Nur Amira Akilah, Nuratikah, Nur Diyanah and Asfashakina ! And the small little girl name is Ariana Batrisya !!:D

The food at Vistana Hotel Kuala Lumpur is not so bad and not so good either.. LOL.. 50net per head.. I don't know.. I think worth it kowt ! Huhu~ 

This was a week before Raya ! Since I can't celebrate raya with my families n friends so thought I should spent some time with them before raya.. ;) 


21.02.2012 is My Very Special Date !'s already 9month I've been married to Ammar Kevin Eu aka Ananda Kevin Eu Tse Wai.. He is a Chinese guy and converted to be a Muslim on 26.01.2012 a month before we got married.. :D we've been together about 4 years before we decided to get married.. He is a divorcee with no kids.. Hopefully he will be blessed with a lot of kids this time..LoL.. I
would love to give him as much as I could ;)) Amin !LOL

i really love the touch by kak naza ! i found her on Facebook ( shaliz Derina Nazrin). she is a makeup artist. it is worth it to pay 500 and the make up last for a day. plus i only did a solemnization that's all. so, i have to say that i really satisfied with her ! :D

henna by kak nad ! loveeee it.. just the way i want it ! also found her on Facebook ;) 
Nadia Khalid Nadhenna.

here come the funny part.. LOL.. my dad told me few days before the solemnization.. he said he wanna 'akad' first before the solemnization coz he is a shy old man.. LOL.. when my 1st n 2nd sister solemnization his had to "akad" infront of the guest. so, he don't want to do that this time.. what a surprise he had to "akad" infront of the guest again this time plus with a microphone !! LOL.. 

now this is the moment ! alhamdulillah with 1 breath i'm now belong to him (my husband)

the agreement has been made.. ! ;))

dowry from the groom to the bride.

the Rings is the simbol :D

husband and wife

picture with families and friends

hubby and wifey <3