Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lost World Of Tambun

Our honeymoon finale for this year !

As usual.. We bought the ticket from Groupon.com.. Hukhuk.. Cheap Weyh ! And we stayed for 3D2N at the same place like always.. Tune Hotel Ipoh.. :D.. Quiet far form LWOT though but as we just gonna spent a few hour there at LWOT and we actually gonna treasure the city more.. So, we prefer Tune instead of LWOT hotel.. But, for those who wanna go there I recommend u guys stay at their hotel because it only side by side or u guys also can rent a homestay it's near by.. Really.. ;)) but ofcoz I don't know how much it will cost u.. LOL.. 

We start our journey from Pangkor Laut Resort on Tuesday morning, our journey take an hour n half to Ipoh.. we straight away had lunch at one of the Nasi Kandar Restaurant..then straight away checkin and go out again having coffee at Starbucks at Ipoh Parade Shopping Centre.. Why Ipoh Parade? Because that's the nearest shopping centre from Tune Hotel n there is where the 1 n only Starbucks is.. LOL.. And we spent the rest of our day shopping at Jusco Kinta City near Tesco.. We don't normally shopping but they had MAD SALE ! there, so we can't just see it, We have to take the advantage to buy them.. It's 50% n 70%..  LOL.. Crazy..and that day for the first time I saw my husband going crazy with the shopping as well.. LOL.. Really funny n cute though.. I have to say his not normally like that.. Well, after the shopping thingy we had dinner at Black Canyon Restaurant.. And on the way back we saw another mad sale at The Store ! so, we go n check in out but didn't buy anything there.. Nothing cought our eye :D

The next morning before we go to LWOT we had our breakfast at Hollywood Restaurant its actually like chinese food court but malays cooking but chinese cuisine.. LOL ;)) very nice food n HALAL chinese food, so for muslim who like chinese cuisine so u guys can give a try there yeh.. :D and right before we leaving there is chinese uncle sell Rojak buah.. traditional one.. we takeaway 1 n eat them on our way to LWOT.. really nice rojak i have to say.. :D we plan to spent our day at Lost World Of Tambun Theame Park ! But turns out it be just a few hour.. It's not fair for me to say that the place not fun or something, but I'm  not really enjoy it that time.. It's because there is a lot of group like school trip or something, so, a lot of people which is suppose to be happening but not for me.. I have to say, but still, if u guys wanna go please just go n experience it urself.. Plus I go with my husband only, so, not enought people to be crazy happening at that kind of place.. I beleave that if u guys go with a lot of number of people it would be happening enough ! :D

Then..we go back to the hotel, take a shower n rest for a while then go out again for coffee n movies ! :D Sinister n Skyfall.. Skyfall really amazing ! But sinister? It's a no no for me.. God.. Sleepy movie ! Then we had Sushi for dinner.. :D wrap for the day..

Wake up in the morning.. Pack everything up then checkout ! Gonna have to make my nail done.. I haven't done it for awhile now.. Also bought them from groupon though.. Very gud deal n madly cheap.. :D we bought the deal for 2.. Yup husband also did his nail ! Then take away coffee from Starbucks n straight away heading back to PLR.. :b

No more holiday for awhile now.. Need to save money for next year honeymoon abroad !

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