Saturday, November 17, 2012


21.01.2012 is my engagement day ! :b

yup.. it's like a year or what, but i wanted to post it anyway.. i dunno why suddenly remembered about the engagement day.. and owh ya i haven't blog about it yet.. why not i share it here with yo'll.. since i've got nothing to do n there is plenty of time aite, plus.. better late then never.. LOL

here's some pic.. well, i actually felt something not right when my husband set a date for 2, at Sheraton Hotel Kuala Lumpur.. yup, that is where he proposed to me ! :D 

Miss Diamond

so, everything looks normal, we had our dinner and just right before the desserts were served we had a little argument.. i nearly left the place but i tried to be calm.. and here u go, the desserts comes n also the Chef (can't remembered his name) with a little tiny box and gave that box to me and i barely see them and as soon as i can, i cried because we just argued just now n here u are, a ring ! and he proposed to me.. and of coz i said YES, thats why we are married right now ! aite..LOL ;D

well, we got engaged for a month before we got married.. yeah, can you imagine there is only a month to plan everything for the wedding, ofcoz a little bit pressure there, plus i have to do it all alone since my husband just got transfered to PLR. ofcoz i have family n friends but they all have their things to do as well aite.. so i just don't want to disturb them if i could help it.

ofcoz, everyone in this world wants the best for their big day like this, so do i, but unfortunately, i can't have it like a fairytale like i wanted to, but still i thankful for my big day, even though its small but its mean a lot for me.. and i really love it ! :))

i have to confess that we did it a little bit rush, coz my husband have to transfered to PLR so, if i want to follow him then we have to get married, why? because of the society.. LOL.. 
so, we planned solemnize first and a few months later only do the ceremony.. but its already 9 months now and i can't think why i should do the ceremony anymore.. obviously the ceremony is not for the groom n bride.. if i do it now i think it's just a waste of money.. i think i should just spend the money on us, more like it.. you know.. honeymoon abroad, LOL

so, i decided not to waste the money on the ceremony and not even think about the ceremony anymore.. it just gonna give me headache.. :b so, we are now planning to fly to europe.. hopefully, pray for it !! :)) 

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Hafiz zamani said...

So, gud luck 4 da europe trip!!