Monday, December 10, 2012


okay guys.. i've been watching in instagram for a very long time i guess.. i suppose this is a trend nowadays.. and i have to admit that this is cool.. i like it very much..and i've been looking for a store that sells this trendy material but nope, can't find it.. or cannot find the cheapest 1 i think..LOL..

but somehow i found it in 1 boutique in Manjung, well, its like Wholesale kind of boutique.. that carry China clothing.. but i bought it anyway... can't miss this opportunity.. LOL

here they are.. 

they got this 3 designs only..i will buy some more.. if you guys know where to buy please let me know.. i really like the art.. the Tribal thing.. so, awesome !! im looking for legging, skirt and shirt ! thanks ;))

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Supplements

okay it's been quite a while now i havent update my blog.. dunno why nowadays seem a bit lazy to update this blog.. huhu.. but no worries, now i kinda bored and feel like updating a lot of stuff.. LOL

okay let me share with you my supplements... hows that? boring? whatever... i'll update it anyway.. its my blog so up to me ! LOL

soo.. this is 1 of it.. well they just 2 actually ! LOL..

how come i end up taking this? well, last week i went to the doc for flu and cough..and suddenly the doc noticed that my skin seems dehydrated so, he said i might have low vitamin B so, he suggested me to take this B complex.. so, here it is !! :b
and.. this vitamin B complex got a lot of thing inside as well, as you can see in the second picture.. so, it's good haa? it has to ! :b

and here's another 1..

its Gingko ! this my husband force me to take.. coz i always got a headache.. so, he ask me to take this 1 daily.. its for improving the blood circulation.. 

so, i've been taking this 2 for about a weeks i guess.. i suppose it's okay.. but i think it's better to see the results after a few more months.. ihik