Thursday, February 21, 2013

Olympus "Tough TG2"

Like I told you guys on my previous entry, we (husband and I) had to come back to KL on the 20th, so, we left Pangkor Laut Resort at 1pm and we arrived in KL at around 6pm.. Then straight away checked-in at Vistana Hotel, and we decided to go to Mid Valley to buy an underwater camera but before we went there, we picked my sister Eva, her daughter Dhiya and Anis up...

Shot with iPhone.

Picture shot with iPhone.

Picture shot with iPhone.

This is among the top "tough" cameras, husband bought this for me !! Thank You soooooo much hubs ! I really, really reallyyyyyyyyy love it ! If you look at the design maybe it's quite "ugly" but the function is really pretty, indeed !
Well, this camera is designed for underwater use, it is waterproof up to 15meters deep ! We bought this actually for snorkeling ! also shockproof up to 7ft (since hubs says I am clumsy and may drop the camera) and freeze proof to -10°C and crush proof to a weight of 220 pounds and dust proof .. Good huh??

There is a lot of other fun stuff that I'm pretty sure you guys will be amazed ! To find out more kindly surf their web page ! Thank you.. LOL.. But 1 more thing I like about this camera is because it can record full HD video ... I can do my makeup tutorial soon ! LOL (macam terror makeup je ko) :b

Remark.. Ever since I got this camera, I don't care about iPhone camera already ! This camera is now my BestFriend ! LOL ;)

Owhh.. I did ask the sales guy about Samsung camera that kinda "famous" lately.. And he told me that this Samsung camera is a "stupid" camera..! LOL (for those who using it please don't get mad at me, get mad at the sales guy) he told me there is nothing special about that camera except for the wifi and FB ! And I find it "cute" camera ! Especially the pink color one !! :D

Sushi King !

My sister was craving for this last week, thank God we all love eating sushi ! So, we 4 adults and 1 little princess had dinner there in Mid Valley right after buying my new gadget ! Heeee ;))

The one who wearing the head scarf is the one who's craving for Japanese Cuisine ! She's on her second pregnancy and about 6 months now, so, another 3 month to go.. She is my 2nd sister, Eva and beside her is my 3rd sister, before me, I'm the 4th ! Heeee (wink*) her name is Anis ! The one who still single but not available ! LOL.. In Shaa Allah she will join our club soon. Amin !

My husband and my niece ! Jelita Dhiya Amani, Eva's first daughter ! ;)

I'm not in the picture :( because I'm the one who take this picture !! ='( But we've had so much fun that night ! And all the sisters going crazy in the Roxy store ! Hikhik.. But didn't buy anything ! Just window shopping ! :D

And then I saw 1 stall that sells Durian Crepe but small and green color.. But I bought it anyway coz I haven't try it yet. So, got the chance to taste it for the first time.. Not bad, it taste exactly like durian.. But my family said there is another one that a lot better than the one that I bought.. Hmmmm.. I wish I could taste it one day ! Hikhik

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Omaigadddddd !

Omaigad.. Omaigad ! Uolssss ! Hubs wedding ring broke!!! I mean BROKEN ! What does that mean? Does that mean that I'm gonna get a new ring ! Omaigad ! LoL.. Husband's ring broke but I'm the one who gonna get a new one ! What tha ??? Hahahaha... Over *

Sooo saddd ! Hopefully there is no such thing like "bad luck" or what ! It just broke ! Things break aite? Plus, hubs goes to gym and does dumbbell exercises ! So, that's why it broke and plus that ring quite thin ! Hmmmm... Uwaaaaa :( and I took the ring to get it fixed.. And it's FOC ! And it was done within 1 hour ! ;)

This is my favourite wedding band ! I regret that I didn't pick this ring last time ! Hubs did suggest this ring ! But I didn't want because when I tried last time it was not this color ! It was ugly gold ! Like "kampung" sangat ! So, I didn't take it ! But now I want it so badly ! Huwaaaaaa :(

Well, Malays will say that Muslim husband cannot wear GOLD.. So, maybe this one is an option? Hukhuk
Praying for it* in Shaa Allah.. Amin ;))


Hey ladies ! Have you heard about tampon? Ofcoz you have! Aite? Haha.. Okay2.. Actually this is my very first time using it ! Really !!! No kidding ! I've heard about it and even

watched "sex and the city" they were all using it ! But I'm scared to try it.. Because I thought its gonna feel like "penis stuck in there" !! Bahahahha.. LOL ! Seriously, I thought its not gonna be comfortable ! But obviously I'm wrong ! It super duper comfy !

Okay.. How the hell did I start wanna try this tampon thingy ! Well, one of my Bestfriend came here few months ago.. And she had her PMS that time and she was still be able to join me swimming ! So, I'm like.. How come? So, she told me that she was using this tampon thing, and yup ! She can swim ! No blood all over the pool ! So, I'm like.. Okay, interesting ! I wanna try that ! And I've been looking and searching for it for about a month ! I couldn't find it anywhere ! My friend said I can get it in any pharmacy! But I couldn't find it !! Stress * LoL

At last I found it in Tesco Sri Manjung ! Fiewww... It hard to find ! I tried looking for it there before but I couldn't find it ! But this time I ask one of the promoter and I think she's quite new there.. And we looking for it together and she found it ! Because this tampon came in a small box ! So, no wonder I couldn't find it before ! Same size with panty liner ! I expect a lot bigger.. :b

So, this is the only brand that they(Tesco Manjung) have ! As you can see I bought 3 different sizes, the big one is for heavy flow, the middle one is for average flow and the smallest one for starter or light flow.

And this is how it looks like ! Very small and comfy ! Seriously ! But I haven't try for the heavy flow one yet.. I only got to try the light flow one.. For the first time using it you gonna feel slightly difficult to put it in and to take it out, but you gonna be just fine for the second one ! ;)) trust me ! Let me try the heavy and average flow and get back to you ! Or you guys can try it and tell me how it feel like.. :D wink*

I know some people got really super duper heavy flow on their 2nd day and 3rd ! And honestly I don't know if this small cute little tampon can help you or not. But you never try, you never know. Aite? ;)) and maybe you just need to change it quite often, but if you use normal pad also you still need to change a lot aite? So, I guess no big deal ! ;) and nowadays, we girls all very fashionable ! So, tanpon would help us on our PMS day ! And I found out that normal PAD can get itchy around our vagina.. So, tampon doesn't ! And I would like to recommend this tampon to all girls out there ! ;) happy trying ! And find out yourself ! Love XOXO :*

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dentist check up !

I was planning to wear braces this year ! So, last Saturday I went to check how bad my teeth were and what is the procedure, and hubs wanted to patch and clean his teeth !

Ladies 1st ! Huahua~ doctor checked and told me the procedure ! The most important thing if you want to wear braces is commitment ! Bla.. Bla.. Bla.. Doc also told me that I have to wear it for 1 and a half years to 2 years time ! Hmmmm.. Not so long what.. :v I said I want to wear it, so, second step is cleaning the teeth and filling and anything that need to be done before we go to the next step which is x-ray and molds.

After mine was done, it's hubs turn for his filling and teeth cleaning.. And it's really "ngilu" after the teeth cleaning ! "Ngilu" for a week ! Cannot drink hot and cold ! Only warm and still "ngilu" :(

Then we did shopping for CNY ! I bought 1 cheongsam and new Bra and underwear ! Ofcoz red uols ! ONG ! Hikhik.. Hubs bought 2 shirts Gold and Red ! For Day and Night Wear and also underwear ! Over uols ! LOL.. :b

And I received my Warm make up palette ! I bought it online ! :b can't remember how much but it's cheap ! Hewhew~

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A night in Seri Manjung

Hello fellas.. Last Wednesday we stayed a night in Seri Manjung, coz we need to be at the Immigration Office early in the morning to renew our passports.. So, we choose Ct Hotel this time coz our regular Hotel were all occupied. And this Hotel is slightly better except for the cricket noise at night which made it difficult to sleep but the room is clean and no weird smells and those kind of things.. Here's some pictures of the hotel.. We took family room coz all deluxe were occupied :( we've got no choice.. And too tired to look for other hotel.

View from the outside.
Upstairs place for hangout.
Our room.
Bathroom.. Not bad for RM80 huh.. It's clean and that's what's important to me.. ;)

I will come back here if we need to stay in Manjung again.. ;)

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Outfit ;)

Hey ho.. This is what I'm doing lately.. Taking pictures of my daily outfit.. But only if I'm dressing up.. LOL.. So, without any further adue, let's checkout my outfit for last week while I was in KL .. ;) wink*

This is my outfit when I on the way back to KL !

This is my outfit when I went to watch Bullet To The Head midnight movie at The Gardens Mall. ;)

This is what I wore when I went to watch Parker midnight movie at The Gardens Mall also.

This is my outfit when I hangout with my sister at Pavilion and Klcc :b

And this is my outfit when I'm coming back to Pangkor Laut ! Like it or hate it? I don't care.. This is me ! XOXO :D

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Chai !

Hello my darling ! Gong Xi Fa Chai to my in-laws and all Chinese out there ! How's your celebration? Me? Well, hubs can't take leave as resort is busy.. So, we celebrate here in Pangkor Laut Resort together with all the staff.. ;)

My day outfit.. ;) I bought this last year in Time Square ! Love em !

Hubs with his day outfit ! Hikhik.. Encem* (nyumnyum)

My night outfit ! Bought it in Aeon Jusco Sri Manjung ! :D

Us ! <3





The End ! :b


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hangout with siblings <3

Hey hooo bloggers ! ;)) what did you guys do last few weeks? Me?? I'm hangout with my sisters ;D ! My 1st and 2nd sister... The 3rd one working so couldn't make it this time.. But next week I'm gonna take her shopping ! Wiyuuuuuu.. ;)

Actually we didn't plan to go out at first.. But I did plan to go out alone to Pavilion as I needed to buy something, but then my Along (the eldest) whatsapp me and asked to join her.. Of coz I would love to go out with her as we rarely could meet each other as I'm staying in Pangkor Laut now and she's working, so, very hard to meet her.. So, this is the opportunity to finally hangout with her.. At first she asked to meet at KLCC.. And I said I cannot drive as my husband not really confident in me driving alone in KL city and I'm not as well.. :/ so, I have to take The Majestic Hotel shuttle bus to go out but that bus only stops at Starhill Gallery In front of Pavilion.. So, at last we decided to met at Pavilion.. And she waited for me in Redbox Pavilion.. We karaoked for 4hours.. And I thought its gonna be expensive as Redbox normally is ! But nope.. For happy hour it's quite cheap.. For 4hours it cost us around RM30 per head plus buffet !! Cheap huh? ;) definitely gonna go there again ! Hewhew~

Ready to meet my sister ! ;)

I'm in the bus ! Alone ! Just me and driver ! :)

We sang this song 'Bunga by Thomas' LOL very funny coz this song is really high pitch ! Not easy to sing this song.. And this is my father's favourite song ! ;))

As soon as we finished with the karaoke, I did my shopping !! I bought myself Body Butter + Hand and Body Lotion + make up pouch by Victoria Secret ! :D I love the smell ! Arggggh.. Faint*

I plan to buy swimming suit at Roxy Store as I'm a member and normally Roxy have nice designs but sadly they didn't ! And they don't have my size !! :( so, we plan to go to KLCC outlet.. Maybe... "Maybe" they got what I want ! Which is NO too! They didn't have what I want too ! And they don't have my size too ! ;( but as I walked out the store I saw Ripcurl ! Noooo.. I'm not Ripcurl girl.. ! But I decided to go in that store for "see see, look look" and guess what ! They have 2 or 3 designs that quite nice but all in black but I don't mind ! I took 1 anyway.. And they had Discount u know ! Buy 2 get 30%.. Buy 3 Get 40% and buy 4 get 50%.. But I bought 2.. 1 set but separate.. So, I got 30%.. Wiyuuuuu.. I wanted to buy 3 sets.. But I had a little bit problem with the other 2 underwear.. So I decided not to take them.. But they are beautiful ! :( I want them..

I wanted to buy Red Lipstick for a while actually and now is the time ! Huahuaaaa.. They are Maybelline ! 1 Red and 1 Brown ! Can't wait to wear the Red 1 ! Hikhik..

I ask 1 kakak at Watson about this tweezer.. I ask her, "kakak, do you have eyelashes tweezer here? And she said.. "Huh?? Tweezer for eyelash? For eyebrow got la.. I've never heard of eyelash one !" LOL.. Kakak.. U must never wear false eyelashes isn't it? Then I went to shu uemura.. Of coz they have right.. They sell false eyelashes after all.. But they only had the grey one, which is boring ! I wanted cute2 ones.. Hikhik.. I wanted to go to Sasa store but I think they're closed already, I don't know I don't think they have Sasa in KLCC.. Anyway, I went to Sephora and looked for it.. At first I thought Sephora didn't have this you know.. Thank God they have ! And F-expensive ! For this one tweezer cost me Rm50.. Tiu.. But it's pink ! So, I took it anyway ! And applied Sephora White member ! Hope I can get discount next time ! Hikhik

Finished with the shopping thingy, we headed to Setapak to pick my 2nd sister (angah and her daughter) up for makan at OldTown Sri Rampai.. Then straight away went back to pangkuan Suami ! Hikhik