Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A night in Seri Manjung

Hello fellas.. Last Wednesday we stayed a night in Seri Manjung, coz we need to be at the Immigration Office early in the morning to renew our passports.. So, we choose Ct Hotel this time coz our regular Hotel were all occupied. And this Hotel is slightly better except for the cricket noise at night which made it difficult to sleep but the room is clean and no weird smells and those kind of things.. Here's some pictures of the hotel.. We took family room coz all deluxe were occupied :( we've got no choice.. And too tired to look for other hotel.

View from the outside.
Upstairs place for hangout.
Our room.
Bathroom.. Not bad for RM80 huh.. It's clean and that's what's important to me.. ;)

I will come back here if we need to stay in Manjung again.. ;)

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