Thursday, February 21, 2013

Olympus "Tough TG2"

Like I told you guys on my previous entry, we (husband and I) had to come back to KL on the 20th, so, we left Pangkor Laut Resort at 1pm and we arrived in KL at around 6pm.. Then straight away checked-in at Vistana Hotel, and we decided to go to Mid Valley to buy an underwater camera but before we went there, we picked my sister Eva, her daughter Dhiya and Anis up...

Shot with iPhone.

Picture shot with iPhone.

Picture shot with iPhone.

This is among the top "tough" cameras, husband bought this for me !! Thank You soooooo much hubs ! I really, really reallyyyyyyyyy love it ! If you look at the design maybe it's quite "ugly" but the function is really pretty, indeed !
Well, this camera is designed for underwater use, it is waterproof up to 15meters deep ! We bought this actually for snorkeling ! also shockproof up to 7ft (since hubs says I am clumsy and may drop the camera) and freeze proof to -10°C and crush proof to a weight of 220 pounds and dust proof .. Good huh??

There is a lot of other fun stuff that I'm pretty sure you guys will be amazed ! To find out more kindly surf their web page ! Thank you.. LOL.. But 1 more thing I like about this camera is because it can record full HD video ... I can do my makeup tutorial soon ! LOL (macam terror makeup je ko) :b

Remark.. Ever since I got this camera, I don't care about iPhone camera already ! This camera is now my BestFriend ! LOL ;)

Owhh.. I did ask the sales guy about Samsung camera that kinda "famous" lately.. And he told me that this Samsung camera is a "stupid" camera..! LOL (for those who using it please don't get mad at me, get mad at the sales guy) he told me there is nothing special about that camera except for the wifi and FB ! And I find it "cute" camera ! Especially the pink color one !! :D


Bunga aR3Ga said...

Can i know what name shop u buy this camera....i try to find this camera too...but lots of shop dont have stock for TG-2...

Ayue Hazali Eu said...

Olympus Brand Store @ MidValley.. :D