Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Holiday..

Hello fellas ! Fuhh.. I'm so tired lately with pack and unpack activity ! Haha.. Well, we travel a lot nowadays.. Like it or not we have to go back to KL at least once a month as long as the case is still not settled.. Pffft ! Hopefully, can settle soon.. Amin !

As u guys know on my last entry that I'm going back to KL for hubs court case last week.. Not long after that I received bad news from my hometown, Perlis. That my grandfather met with an accident... So, we went there and check out how my grandpa was doing.. Thank God nothing serious, just some injury on his ankle.. We were there for just 1 night... And we went back to Pangkor Laut for like 3 days and travel to KL again but this time for my hubs 'GM meeting'.. And we go back to KL couple days ago for hubs to meet the owner, Tan Sri Francis :D and need to be in KL on the 21st of Feb for another court case ! It was fun to travel a lot but it's really exhausting ! :)

This is what I'm doing while waiting for the boat to get to the mainland !

My younger sister.. Wan Erdina Mirsya..

My niece Jelita Dhiya Amani..

Got my hair done before going back to KL.. Colored + treatment + trim a little bit.. ;))


Dating ;) we managed to watch 3 movies for 3 night's in a row.. First night in Manjung "Big Cinema" We watched Hansel and Gretel, 2nd night we watched Bullet To The Head and the last night we watched Parker in Signature@TheGarden, All not bad.. I enjoyed all of them.. :D. We wasted two tickets though on Parker coz Hubs meeting lasted from 12pm till 8:30pm and the movie was supposed to be 8:50pm. So, we bought again for Midnight. And we watched Die Hard couple night ago ! ;) First time trying the Gold Class at The Gardens.. Besttttt ! ;)

There's a lot more coming up ! Tungguuuuu... Chow ;))


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