Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sushi King !

My sister was craving for this last week, thank God we all love eating sushi ! So, we 4 adults and 1 little princess had dinner there in Mid Valley right after buying my new gadget ! Heeee ;))

The one who wearing the head scarf is the one who's craving for Japanese Cuisine ! She's on her second pregnancy and about 6 months now, so, another 3 month to go.. She is my 2nd sister, Eva and beside her is my 3rd sister, before me, I'm the 4th ! Heeee (wink*) her name is Anis ! The one who still single but not available ! LOL.. In Shaa Allah she will join our club soon. Amin !

My husband and my niece ! Jelita Dhiya Amani, Eva's first daughter ! ;)

I'm not in the picture :( because I'm the one who take this picture !! ='( But we've had so much fun that night ! And all the sisters going crazy in the Roxy store ! Hikhik.. But didn't buy anything ! Just window shopping ! :D

And then I saw 1 stall that sells Durian Crepe but small and green color.. But I bought it anyway coz I haven't try it yet. So, got the chance to taste it for the first time.. Not bad, it taste exactly like durian.. But my family said there is another one that a lot better than the one that I bought.. Hmmmm.. I wish I could taste it one day ! Hikhik

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