Thursday, February 14, 2013

Omaigadddddd !

Omaigad.. Omaigad ! Uolssss ! Hubs wedding ring broke!!! I mean BROKEN ! What does that mean? Does that mean that I'm gonna get a new ring ! Omaigad ! LoL.. Husband's ring broke but I'm the one who gonna get a new one ! What tha ??? Hahahaha... Over *

Sooo saddd ! Hopefully there is no such thing like "bad luck" or what ! It just broke ! Things break aite? Plus, hubs goes to gym and does dumbbell exercises ! So, that's why it broke and plus that ring quite thin ! Hmmmm... Uwaaaaa :( and I took the ring to get it fixed.. And it's FOC ! And it was done within 1 hour ! ;)

This is my favourite wedding band ! I regret that I didn't pick this ring last time ! Hubs did suggest this ring ! But I didn't want because when I tried last time it was not this color ! It was ugly gold ! Like "kampung" sangat ! So, I didn't take it ! But now I want it so badly ! Huwaaaaaa :(

Well, Malays will say that Muslim husband cannot wear GOLD.. So, maybe this one is an option? Hukhuk
Praying for it* in Shaa Allah.. Amin ;))