Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dentist check up !

I was planning to wear braces this year ! So, last Saturday I went to check how bad my teeth were and what is the procedure, and hubs wanted to patch and clean his teeth !

Ladies 1st ! Huahua~ doctor checked and told me the procedure ! The most important thing if you want to wear braces is commitment ! Bla.. Bla.. Bla.. Doc also told me that I have to wear it for 1 and a half years to 2 years time ! Hmmmm.. Not so long what.. :v I said I want to wear it, so, second step is cleaning the teeth and filling and anything that need to be done before we go to the next step which is x-ray and molds.

After mine was done, it's hubs turn for his filling and teeth cleaning.. And it's really "ngilu" after the teeth cleaning ! "Ngilu" for a week ! Cannot drink hot and cold ! Only warm and still "ngilu" :(

Then we did shopping for CNY ! I bought 1 cheongsam and new Bra and underwear ! Ofcoz red uols ! ONG ! Hikhik.. Hubs bought 2 shirts Gold and Red ! For Day and Night Wear and also underwear ! Over uols ! LOL.. :b

And I received my Warm make up palette ! I bought it online ! :b can't remember how much but it's cheap ! Hewhew~


Rina Ellisa said...


kita geng nanti pakai braces :D

Ayue Hazali Eu said...

Rina Ellisa.. Yeayyyy.. Twin ! ;))

Deena Herring said...

Absolutely! Wearing braces is all about commitment, especially during the first few days and weeks. The pain is tolerable, based on my experience. The adjustment period is what’s really bothering. Just think that you will have that awesome radiant smile after all the raucous! Good luck!

Ayue Hazali Eu said...

Thank you Deena.. haven't got mine.. can't wait really ! ;D

Reginald Cooper said...

Some might view dental braces merely as teeth or mouth accessories. But it's as you said – it takes commitment. You have to be keen in following your dentist's instructions and be religious with dental checkups and bracket adjustments. Though it might take some time to get used to it, the prize of having a better oral condition is worth all the time and effort. I hope your dental braces are attached by now.

Dentistry with a Smile

Leigh Hamilton said...

How are your braces, Ayue? It’s been a year, so you only have half or a year to wear it, right? I agree about what you said about being committed in wearing it. There will be times (specially the first few weeks) when braces feel like a torture to wear, and that’s when your commitment will be tremendously tested. Leigh at Arbor Ridge Family Dental