Friday, May 24, 2013

Turtle Laying Eggs

Hola ! So, last night me, husband and 7 other guests were watching turtle laying eggs ! Here in Kerteh, Terengganu ! Well, for those who dosen't know or I bet the whole world knows that Terengganu is famous with turtle season ! Yup ! This is it ! Now is the turtle season till August ! So, for those who want to see turtle laying eggs and see baby turtles going back to the sea, please come here to Terengganu! Don't miss it !

We had dinner while waiting for the person in charge on the beach to let us know whether there is turtle coming to lay her eggs or not ! Yup ! We don't wait by the beach for the turtle to come ! Because it happen before where all the guest were waiting by the beach for hours but the turtle just don't come up ! It's just wasting time ! So, that's why now we only go there when the turtle already on the beach ! ;)

My handsome man ! Hikhik <3

We're having steamboat tonight ! :D

We had dinner at 8pm and waited for the turtle until 10:30pm. We almost give up you know ! We were about to go home when the driver said there is a turtle ready to lay her eggs ! So, he started to call all the guest who were all over the resort ! At last ! 10:45pm we departed from the resort to Kerteh near the oil refinery ! The journey took about half an hour from the resort by van !

We saw eggs ! We were so lucky because we just got there for 5 minutes and the turtle already start to lay her eggs ! According to the expert, normally they have to wait for an hour for the turtle to lay her eggs ! :D there were about 120 eggs altogether ! Turtles can carry almost 400 eggs a year if I'm not mistaken and she will come up at least three times to the beach to lay her eggs ! :D

She is a green turtle and she's quite big for her species! She's been here before according to the expert because she already has a tag on her ! She even might be born here !

The expert told us that the turtle choose to lay her eggs at dirty beach because it makes her feel that the beach is natural and nobody "might be there" because nobody clean the beach !

Some people said that the turtle cried because she have to leave her eggs but it's alll wrong accoding to the expert ! They said the turtule need to cry because there is a lot of salt water in her eyes that make her can't see properly on the beach ! So, she need to cry to make her eyes clear !

We didn't wait till the turtle went back to the sea because it was quite late, so, we moved to the place where they keep the turtle eggs ! This is how they keep the eggs safe from monitor lizard, whild boar, monkey, and so on till the baby turtle come out safely !

This is how the hole for them to keep the turtle eggs look like ! To keep the eggs warm they need to put the eggs inside there till they all born !

So, that is some info from the turtle laying eggs ! I will go there again on July or August to see them release the baby turtle back to the sea ! Can't wait ! I hope i can name one of the baby turtle after me ! Hikhik

Friday, May 17, 2013

Chemerong Waterfall

Hi guys.. Yesterday I went to Chemerong Waterfall with my husband ! Together with another 4 in-house guests ! We departed from the resort at 9am right after breakfast ! We got to Chemerong Waterfall by van ! The journey from the resort to the waterfall took about an hour. 

When we arrived there were given 1 backpack each with a towel, 2 takeaway boxes of lunch which were salad and grilled chicken or fried rice with fried chicken (which you pre-order), 2 apples, 2 mineral waters and 1 can of Revive. We need to carry the backpack by ourselves. 

We were given a short briefing before we started our journey to climb up approximately 1.2km to get to the waterfall. The journey is quite extreme coz it's quite slippery !

Getting ready to climb !

All good ! Can't wait to get started !

So far so good ! That's where we're headed!

Concentrating to the briefing !

Ready, get set, GO!

And the journey started !

After awhile ! How far more ?!!! I can't take it no more !

Urghhhh.. I'm very tired ! :( thanks Mrs Cortesi for giving me a hand ! I have short legs! :( hakhak :b

Camonnnn ! Really??! I am verrrrrrrrrry tired and hottttt ! Where is the waterfalllllllll ! I wanna jump ! :(

Arghhhhhhhh.. After about an hour of climbing ! At last I maddddde ittttttttt ! So proud to myself ! LOL.. Like I have a choice ! :b

Catching a breath ! Fiewwwww...

We were here ! We made it and you should too !!

Arghhhhh ! Heaven ! Cold water in hot weather ! What a combination ! Loveeeee it !

Time to go home ! 

Beautiful Chemerong Waterfall, Terengganu ! For those who love adventure ! You guys might want to come here ! ;)

Time for another round of super tiring and adventurous journey down ! Urghhhh.. But we all made it well ! And we all got home safely ! :D

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Marang River Cruise

Hey guys ! Today husband and I went on Marang River Cruise trip ! This is one of the trips that we offer at our Resort ! So here are some pictures ! Enjoyyyy.. ;)

This is the "Mini Jetty" hikhik.. Very small and lonely jetty ! :) the journey from the resort to the jetty took about 45 minutes by car.

This is our ride ! ;)

With a couple of in-house guests !

Minimum must be 3 persons for this trip ! RM150 per person.

Speed boat for this trip !

In we go !

Our boat driver !

Hubby !

Beautiful ! :D

This is anchovies boat !

This is squid boat ! The boat that they use to catch squids !

I swear I thought this was a crocodile ! Thank God it's a monitor lizard ! Fiewwww !

Fish farm !

Barramundi !

Hola !

Love the view.

Chilling !

Okay, I don't believe that there is jelly fish in the river ! But here they are ! Black spotted jelly fish ! Didn't sting as you can see ! No harm at all.

On the way to the village !

Sight-seeing around the riverside village.

Our tour guide showing us the nipah roof that the villagers make from Nipah leaves and also they use bamboo to make that roof ! He said that that roof can use for 3 years and have to change after that.

This is palm sugar factory ! In that cauldron is the palm sugar that they just cook !

If you can see (plastic container on the top right of the tree trunk) there is one container that they hang up there for coconut flower juice that they make palm sugar ! ;)

Well, hello you ! LOL

Super comfortable transfer !

Us !

We're off to Chemerong Waterfall tomorrow... Kbye