Friday, May 17, 2013

Chemerong Waterfall

Hi guys.. Yesterday I went to Chemerong Waterfall with my husband ! Together with another 4 in-house guests ! We departed from the resort at 9am right after breakfast ! We got to Chemerong Waterfall by van ! The journey from the resort to the waterfall took about an hour. 

When we arrived there were given 1 backpack each with a towel, 2 takeaway boxes of lunch which were salad and grilled chicken or fried rice with fried chicken (which you pre-order), 2 apples, 2 mineral waters and 1 can of Revive. We need to carry the backpack by ourselves. 

We were given a short briefing before we started our journey to climb up approximately 1.2km to get to the waterfall. The journey is quite extreme coz it's quite slippery !

Getting ready to climb !

All good ! Can't wait to get started !

So far so good ! That's where we're headed!

Concentrating to the briefing !

Ready, get set, GO!

And the journey started !

After awhile ! How far more ?!!! I can't take it no more !

Urghhhh.. I'm very tired ! :( thanks Mrs Cortesi for giving me a hand ! I have short legs! :( hakhak :b

Camonnnn ! Really??! I am verrrrrrrrrry tired and hottttt ! Where is the waterfalllllllll ! I wanna jump ! :(

Arghhhhhhhh.. After about an hour of climbing ! At last I maddddde ittttttttt ! So proud to myself ! LOL.. Like I have a choice ! :b

Catching a breath ! Fiewwwww...

We were here ! We made it and you should too !!

Arghhhhh ! Heaven ! Cold water in hot weather ! What a combination ! Loveeeee it !

Time to go home ! 

Beautiful Chemerong Waterfall, Terengganu ! For those who love adventure ! You guys might want to come here ! ;)

Time for another round of super tiring and adventurous journey down ! Urghhhh.. But we all made it well ! And we all got home safely ! :D

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