Monday, May 13, 2013

Bukit Gambang Resort City

Hola guys ! Last Wednesday, my husband and I went to Bukit Gambang, Kuantan for a holiday ! We stayed for a night. This place has been in operations for about 3 years and their business is more to groups and family so, the place is in quite a mess ! LOL..


But because my husband doesn't like crowds, we decided to go during weekdays, so, you can tell how quiet the place is. Hikhik.. And we've been to their Water Park ! And of coz on a weekday a lot of stuff they close ! Cut down the electricity for sure ! :b


Owhh.. I'm sorry for not taking picture of the room coz husband and I don't really like the room ! Hikhik.. But, I describe a little bit for you guys, well, I think you guys can imagine if the target more to group and family ! Normally, the bed is twin bed ! And the cleanliness quite bad ! But feel free to go and check out yourself ! I think if you go on the weekend the place would be quite happening ! And yup, before I forget, they separate the hotel into 2. 1 is Arabian which I stayed ! And another 1 is Caribbean. And I recommend you guys to eat at the Caribbean Cafe ! ;)

Owhh, here a little bit how the room look like ! Hikhik

Off to Water Park by tram ! Rm1 per person/one way. Every 15 minutes.

The best Slide ever ! Must try ! Hahaha.. Ketaq cek !

This is the reason my husband got body-ache.. Hikhik.. My poor husband !

Bessssst ! 1 more time pleaseeeeee.. LOL


Husband and wife moment ! LOL

I wish I bring my little princess Dhiya here ! :(

Hokay.. Tired !! Time to go back !

In the tram ! Peaceeee :D

Okay.. There is a lot more stuff they got there but we arrived quite late around 4pm and they close at 6pm.. Plus weekday a lot of stuff they close ! So, we only try that 2 slide, so, maybe you guys should go if you wanted to find out more ;) cheers


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