Friday, May 3, 2013

The Surin Spa

Lets do the Spa today ! Yes ! 10 days in Phuket is really tiring ! There is a lot of activities we do and to keep us energetic is Spa ! So, lets them massage our body !




Before that ! We had to had our breakfast ! This meal is really important to keep us healthy ! Cehhh ;b


Love it !!

Okay.. Off we go to The Spa

The Spa is not really far from the resort's lobby but they provide buggy for all the guest anyway ! I think because the spa up the hill that's why they sent guest by buggy !


Posing sat satu ! Hikhik

We are ready for the treatment !

Our treatment room
Having ginger tea and some cookies after the treatment !

Okay, let's go back and get ready for our last show !

See yah !


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