Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Marang River Cruise

Hey guys ! Today husband and I went on Marang River Cruise trip ! This is one of the trips that we offer at our Resort ! So here are some pictures ! Enjoyyyy.. ;)

This is the "Mini Jetty" hikhik.. Very small and lonely jetty ! :) the journey from the resort to the jetty took about 45 minutes by car.

This is our ride ! ;)

With a couple of in-house guests !

Minimum must be 3 persons for this trip ! RM150 per person.

Speed boat for this trip !

In we go !

Our boat driver !

Hubby !

Beautiful ! :D

This is anchovies boat !

This is squid boat ! The boat that they use to catch squids !

I swear I thought this was a crocodile ! Thank God it's a monitor lizard ! Fiewwww !

Fish farm !

Barramundi !

Hola !

Love the view.

Chilling !

Okay, I don't believe that there is jelly fish in the river ! But here they are ! Black spotted jelly fish ! Didn't sting as you can see ! No harm at all.

On the way to the village !

Sight-seeing around the riverside village.

Our tour guide showing us the nipah roof that the villagers make from Nipah leaves and also they use bamboo to make that roof ! He said that that roof can use for 3 years and have to change after that.

This is palm sugar factory ! In that cauldron is the palm sugar that they just cook !

If you can see (plastic container on the top right of the tree trunk) there is one container that they hang up there for coconut flower juice that they make palm sugar ! ;)

Well, hello you ! LOL

Super comfortable transfer !

Us !

We're off to Chemerong Waterfall tomorrow... Kbye

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