Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Phuket Fantasea

Tonight we booked to watch Phuket Fantasea Show... Price, 1900+ Baht per person I think ! Forgot already guys, sorry ! Ngee :D but we decided to upgrade to Gold Seat so we need to topup another 500 Baht for two if I'm not mistaken.

She asked me whether I'd like to take picture with the baby elephant before the show start as we not allowed to bring any gadget such like Cameras, phone and video recorder into the theater ! But, I'm not interested ! There is elephant all over Phuket ! So, nope !

Welcome to Phuket Fantasea ! ;b

Owh.. This show include buffet ! This is the restaurant ! :0 beautiful !

They printed the ticket using our own language !

Show is inside ! Not bad ! Like I told you.. No gadgets allowed inside ! So, no picture or video ! Would I recommend this or not? Hmmm.. Depends.. If you like theater ! Maybe you'll like this ! ;)

This is our ride ! ;)



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