Saturday, March 30, 2013

Check Out !

Wow.. I know my blog has been topsy-turvy lately ! A lot of things I'd like to share with you guys ! And it kinda give me a headache sometimes.. Dunno what to write or how to write sort of things.. So sorry guys.. Hope uols still like to read my humble blog ! Ceeeee ;b

So, I continue this entry from my family holiday ! Well, this one is their last day which is their "checkout" day ! So, here's their story,.. Hikhik

The "naughty little Dhiya" :D

Picture around the lobby area

Owhhh.. This is her famous expression ! Haha.. Sooooo cute ! ;*

Mom and aunty Ros at the shuttle stop !

Dhiya said "O my Gorgeous" LOL

Dhiya's new friends ! ;) they're from Germany if I'm not mistaken ! And owhhhh..that boy said "cheeeeeseeee cakeeeee" and Dhiya said "urghhhhhh" with her face.. LOL :b

Rokiah's Family ! ;))

Family Picture ! ;D

Siblings picture !

Time to depart :(

Back to Marina Island Office..

See her naughty face? Hihihi

Dhiya and her other friends.. I think this one from Singapore as they don't speak Malay.. Heeee ;)

THE END ! Okay.. Here is your gud news ! No more family holiday's entry ! So, I will continue on posting my Phuket one ! Arghhhhh.. Hikhik.. So.. Keep it waiting I guess? ;)

Lunch and Dinner !

Continue from my "Family Holiday" post ! Wiii... A lot to share with you guys here ! Hope you guys enjoyyyy.. Huhu

Siblings ! Weeeee ;)

Ermmmm.. :/ LoL

They're having 6 "ikan tiga rasa" , 2 chicken rice and 1 leaf fried rice ! The "ikan tiga rasa" was superbly delicious !

We go for a swim while they relaxing here !

"Ini semua Poyo !!" LOL

Wow, so many things on the table ! LOL.. Well, appetizer we having lor bak and duck spring roll, soup we having Peranakan soup and fish maw soup and main course we having oyster omelette, soft shell crab, steamed fish Hong Kong style, sweet and sour fish, kangkung belacan and broccoli and scallop..

After "makan" I took them to see the Spa Village ! But just the reception ! LOL, well, the spa closed already at nite ! And no kids allow ! So, ya, "curi-curi tengok reception" hahaha

While waiting for the transport !

Okay ! That's it ! C u some other time ! :D


Monday, March 25, 2013

Simon Cabaret !!!

wow.. that's a lot from the 4th day ! haha.. so, continue from the previous post.. i don't know if you guys remembered that we've booked an activity for tonight ! which is Simon Cabaret ! the "Lady Boy show".. tell you what, i'm sooo excited to see this show ! well, i've heard that Thai Lady Boy quite pretty ! so, here they are !!


So, What do you think? Bahahahahaa ! NOoooo ! I'm ready for the Simon Cabaret !


This show doesn't include dinner ! So, we decided to have some snacks first while waiting for the transfer pick up ! And we'll have dinner after the show ! And this show cost 900 Baht per person.


Spring Roll for me..


And Tod Mun Pla (Thai Fish Cakes) for hubs...


We're here ! Simon Cabaret Phuket Show ! Strictly NO Camera ! Handphone ! Video Recorder and something like that ! If they caught you taking picture of the show ! USD50000 will be the charge ! So, enjoy the show ! ;))



Me and husband while waiting for the show to start !



That "girl" in pink dress look a little bit like Ella !


Doesn't "she" look like Ella? :) adorable !


Here they are ! What do you think?! I think?! Whhhhaaaaaaaaaat ?!!!!!! No wayyyyy !

I love her soooo much !! ;b

Pffftt ! :0

Demn ! :/

They're just too gorgeous ! Beautiful ! Pretty ! Stunning ! And so onnnnn ! I love them ! Arghhhh ! Owhh.. And 100 Baht each for the picture ! And because of that I only take picture with the ones that I like ONLY ! And ofcoz the most beautiful ONLY ! Hikhik :b