Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lunch and Dinner !

Continue from my "Family Holiday" post ! Wiii... A lot to share with you guys here ! Hope you guys enjoyyyy.. Huhu

Siblings ! Weeeee ;)

Ermmmm.. :/ LoL

They're having 6 "ikan tiga rasa" , 2 chicken rice and 1 leaf fried rice ! The "ikan tiga rasa" was superbly delicious !

We go for a swim while they relaxing here !

"Ini semua Poyo !!" LOL

Wow, so many things on the table ! LOL.. Well, appetizer we having lor bak and duck spring roll, soup we having Peranakan soup and fish maw soup and main course we having oyster omelette, soft shell crab, steamed fish Hong Kong style, sweet and sour fish, kangkung belacan and broccoli and scallop..

After "makan" I took them to see the Spa Village ! But just the reception ! LOL, well, the spa closed already at nite ! And no kids allow ! So, ya, "curi-curi tengok reception" hahaha

While waiting for the transport !

Okay ! That's it ! C u some other time ! :D


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