Saturday, March 30, 2013

Check Out !

Wow.. I know my blog has been topsy-turvy lately ! A lot of things I'd like to share with you guys ! And it kinda give me a headache sometimes.. Dunno what to write or how to write sort of things.. So sorry guys.. Hope uols still like to read my humble blog ! Ceeeee ;b

So, I continue this entry from my family holiday ! Well, this one is their last day which is their "checkout" day ! So, here's their story,.. Hikhik

The "naughty little Dhiya" :D

Picture around the lobby area

Owhhh.. This is her famous expression ! Haha.. Sooooo cute ! ;*

Mom and aunty Ros at the shuttle stop !

Dhiya said "O my Gorgeous" LOL

Dhiya's new friends ! ;) they're from Germany if I'm not mistaken ! And owhhhh..that boy said "cheeeeeseeee cakeeeee" and Dhiya said "urghhhhhh" with her face.. LOL :b

Rokiah's Family ! ;))

Family Picture ! ;D

Siblings picture !

Time to depart :(

Back to Marina Island Office..

See her naughty face? Hihihi

Dhiya and her other friends.. I think this one from Singapore as they don't speak Malay.. Heeee ;)

THE END ! Okay.. Here is your gud news ! No more family holiday's entry ! So, I will continue on posting my Phuket one ! Arghhhhh.. Hikhik.. So.. Keep it waiting I guess? ;)


yani said...

hi there...I've started reading ur blog recently,so salam perkenalan. Im Yani btw, nak tumpang tanya since you duduk Pangkor kan? I am planning a family vacation and one of the cadangan is to go to Pangkor for 3 days. I saw your entry when you family came to visit you, did they stay at Pangkor laut resort? agak agak berapa ye the price? There will be 10 adults and 8 kids total. If you can advice me on the best way to enjoy Pangkor and at the same time wont break our bank, I'd really appreciate it. thank you!!!

Ayue Hazali Eu said...

Hi darling ! U can go to here if u have any inquiries please not hesitate to call the resort itself ! Just for ur info.. We had MRP package for Malaysian n Singaporean and package include meal ! U can call resort and ask more detail about it. But then, if u on budget holiday, I recommend u to go Pulau Pangkor as u can get much more cheaper over there. Cheers ! ;D