Monday, March 4, 2013

Second Day..

For your info, we stayed here in Phuket for 10 Days ! :D well, there is a lot to do, a lot to see.. 10 days is the best ! ;)

We already booked our activities from Phuket Evolution, so, on our 2nd day we went for City Tour.. ofcoz you need to see and know where is where first aite? ;)) we took half-day tour, which is 5 hour sight-seeing.. ;D
you can also request for the driver to take you where you want to go or he will take you everywhere, like us, we ask him to drive where we want to go only.. ;)

I'm having Scrambled eggs ! and hubs having baked beans, eggs and toast ;)
It coast us 99 Baht each ;)

our City Tour started at 11am. So, we had breakfast at Orange Restaurant right in-front of our Hotel while waiting for the transfer pick up.. Oh, our room dosen't include breakfast and The Gallery Hotel don't even have a Restaurant in their building but there are a lot of restaurants near by. ;)

this is our 1st stop for City Tour. Elephant Trekking.. we took the 30 minute trek only as we have more places to go ;)) it costs us 900 Baht each.

Then the driver took us to the Racing Kart and Cobra show but we just 'see-see, look-look' only.. i don't like both.. i mean i love snake print but not real live snake.. LOL.. sooo "GELI" okay.. and i don't feel like racing today.. huhu~

View from look out point on the way to the Big Buddha !

then we headed to the Big Buddha ! its quite cold up there ! like Cameron Highlands ! and as you all know, normally if we want to enter to any place of worship we need to dress decent. mine is acceptable, thank God ! hukhuk ;) a lot of tourists came here with short pants and sleeveless.. but they provide scarves at the entrance for those to cover up ;)

Phuket Zoo... 1000 Baht for 2.

me and Orangutan ;) 200 Baht.

the Gedix and smartest Elephant ever !

we enjoyed 3 shows.. Elephant, Monkey and the Crocodile Show.. the best is Elephant one ! ;))

This entry end with this gedix fat-Thai lady statue. ;))

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