Monday, March 11, 2013

Family Holiday !

Yeahhhhh.. At last my family came here to Pangkor Laut Resort for holiday ! But before I continue with my family holiday story, I would like to apologise to all of you who's waiting for my honeymoon story ! I feel like posting about my family today ! Ihik~ I will continue with the Phuket story very soon.. Keep it waiting okay? LOL..

Okay.. My family came here a couple of days ago, on the 8th of March, they came here for 3 days 2 night, indeed it's not enough. so, we already planned for the next trip and a little bit longer next time ! Ihik~ In Shaa Allah.. Amin.

They all arrived at Marina Island Pangkor around 12pm like that and as soon as they arrived I ask them to leave all their bags here in the PLR Office and we all went off to Lumut, they all had lunch there because most of them couldn't wait until we got to PLR. Huhu~ so, after that they did shopping a little bit, you know, Lumut is famous for their dried anchovies, squids and things like that. Then we all straight away headed back to Marina Island and get ready to go in to PLR. ;))

My family while waiting for the 3pm boat. Yes, PLR has boat timing and they are punctual ! If you late even 1 minute they will leave you at the Jetty, regardless you are a guest or even the GM. You have to follow their timing not the other way round ! ;)) unless you paid for a chartered boat then they will wait for you ! :D

My sister Effa ;)

My sister Eva and her Husband Chukraq.

Me, mom and aunty Ros.

We all arrived at PLR around 3:20pm and headed straight to Royal Bay Beach Club for "2nd round lunch" LOL.. Then I ushered them to their room and let them rest for a while before taking them to the pool ! ;)

Show her the games room before taking her to the pool ! Owh.. She enjoyed herself in this room ! :D she knows ABC already ! Clever girl ! But she only know how to say A and B.. Hikhik

LOL.. Her famous "HOk..HOk" look ! :b

Owhhhh.. She loveeeees water so much

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