Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Husband !

I don't know, do I have to post this on the actual date of his birthday? But, whatever ! I'm late, I know but I wanna post it anyway ! Huhuk~


9th March is my husband's birthday ! And my family came here on the 8th, what a coincidence ! My sister Anis, her BF also shares the same birthday.. So, we though we wanted to surprise both of them. At first we (my sister and I) planned to buy a cake from Secret Recipe but her BF is with her. So, how do we escape from him? After awhile we've been thinking then I decided to ask the PLR staff to organize for us without my husband knowing about it. I asked them to keep it a secret ! LOL


So, all set.. We all had our dinner at Feast Village restaurant. When time for dessert, we all went to the dessert counter to see what desserts they had. Including my husband ! And while he's walking to the dessert counter, he saw his staff with the cake try to run away from him. With his ability to observe people, so, he suspected something already ! So, he decided not to order dessert and from there I know that he know already.. So, it's not a surprise for him already ! :( I is sad ! LOL... Fishhhhh..


But however we succeeded in surprising Anis's BF Bongek ! Happy Birthday to both of you ! Have a good one !


Both "comot" ! Both crazy with chocolate !


Who's husband is this??! I am jealous okay ! Wakakkaa.. "Bersuap-suap bagai"


So sweet ! Miss her already ! :D


Farah said...

awwww your daughter is super cuuuute!! <3


Ayue Hazali Eu said...

Unfortunately she's not my daughter :( she's my niece :D and tq Farah ! Xx