Monday, March 25, 2013

Simon Cabaret !!!

wow.. that's a lot from the 4th day ! haha.. so, continue from the previous post.. i don't know if you guys remembered that we've booked an activity for tonight ! which is Simon Cabaret ! the "Lady Boy show".. tell you what, i'm sooo excited to see this show ! well, i've heard that Thai Lady Boy quite pretty ! so, here they are !!


So, What do you think? Bahahahahaa ! NOoooo ! I'm ready for the Simon Cabaret !


This show doesn't include dinner ! So, we decided to have some snacks first while waiting for the transfer pick up ! And we'll have dinner after the show ! And this show cost 900 Baht per person.


Spring Roll for me..


And Tod Mun Pla (Thai Fish Cakes) for hubs...


We're here ! Simon Cabaret Phuket Show ! Strictly NO Camera ! Handphone ! Video Recorder and something like that ! If they caught you taking picture of the show ! USD50000 will be the charge ! So, enjoy the show ! ;))



Me and husband while waiting for the show to start !



That "girl" in pink dress look a little bit like Ella !


Doesn't "she" look like Ella? :) adorable !


Here they are ! What do you think?! I think?! Whhhhaaaaaaaaaat ?!!!!!! No wayyyyy !

I love her soooo much !! ;b

Pffftt ! :0

Demn ! :/

They're just too gorgeous ! Beautiful ! Pretty ! Stunning ! And so onnnnn ! I love them ! Arghhhh ! Owhh.. And 100 Baht each for the picture ! And because of that I only take picture with the ones that I like ONLY ! And ofcoz the most beautiful ONLY ! Hikhik :b


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