Friday, March 15, 2013

Phuket Day 2

Continued from the second day entry ! Heeeee... So much to share with you guys here !

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures. ;))

This is how they posing ! OMG ! LOL....

Elephant show !

Monkey show

When this arrived at my table I though the somtam (papaya salad) was too small, I wanted to order 1 more you know.. But as I ate it, there is still some more left inside, and it actually more than enough ! I think that "small" portion is for 3-4 person ! Yes ! I was shocked ! LOL.. Thank God I didn't order 1 more.

We had lunch here ! Delicious !!

Shopping time ! Hikhik.. I just bought 1 long sleeve shirt for snorkeling ! ;)

I actually wanted to go to the Zoo for 1 purpose only ! To take picture with the tiger ! But I didn't see any tiger there ! I mean I did find 1 baby tiger but in black and white ! I don't want baby tiger.. I want the mother or grandparent ! LOL.. So, I took with this statue instead ! LOL ! :D

Fresh juice..

Had dinner at Dang no 8.. Superb ! U can tell aite? LOL..

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Farah said...

hehe i you can find the mother or grandparent tigers here in malaysia!! you look wonderful :)

Farah ♥