Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Insurance !!

Hokay uolss.. before we continue with my Honeymoon story.. i would like to share with you guys about my insurance.. ihik~ sharing is caring.. bluekkk :b

see how happy the little girl is when she gets to walk..

okays.. believe it or not, i just bought insurance for myself !! one day before going off to Phuket.. muahaha.. but actually hubs bought for me.. so, thanksssss so much dear for the insurance.. i love u much much !!! hakhak !! :b i proudly want to say that i'm now PROTECTED by Great Eastern ! LOL ;D Alhamdullilah..

Actually, there's still a lot of people out there who thinks that insurance is not important, believe me guys, it's really important especially for those who have kids.. who knows what’s gonna happen to you and who’s gonna take care of your child?? so, if you have insurance for "your life" so, your kids will get the money.. something like that.. i’m not an insurance agent anyway to let you know more.. so, for more info, go and get one good agent to let you know all the info..

we discuss my policy over lunch at the La Bodega..

As for me.. i have to say i’m lucky for marrying my husband who knows a lot of things.. so, he arranges most of my life, well, he’s the husband... so, that is his responsibility to take care of me aite? LOL.. so, this agent of mine is also my hubs's agent.. i must say that she is really, really, really good agent, she's Chinese.. why i said she's really good, because normally agents care about their own pockets ONLY, and will ask you to buy something that you cannot afford! They will say "you MUST buy this and that and the amount is killing you"! all this because they wanted to achieve their target ONLY and their COMMISSION ! unlike my agent, she will arrange for you what you need depending on your age and you can also discuss with her what your budget is and she will help you to arrange everything for you. like (what you need to cover more, what less sort of thing) which is very good of her. very helpful.. so, if any of you might want her contact, just let me know, in shaa Allah i will give her number to you. ;))

i don't know why she do that face ! soo funny ! LOL

so, because this is my first insurance ever, she ask me to buy something like basic and after few years if i feel like topping up here and there i can always call her and let her know and she will arrange everything for me, her client.. ;) My plan is less on life but more on protection. So, now i can go to any KPJ Hospital, don't have to worry about queueing at the Government hospitals at all.. ;) and my insurance also works as a savings you know, let’s say nothing happens to me at all throughout 10 to 20 years, i can always take my money back. which is very good ! i hope nothing happens to me, so, i can have my money back !!! so, on the other hand, this is 2 in 1 thing, i’m saving while I got myself protected. unlike the bank, we just save and earn interest and not protect ourselves. so, go grab your insurance NOW before it’s too late ! ;)

this is her !! our agent ! Jennifer.. ;)

Owhh ya.. Forgot to share with you guys, Jennifer told us about this last time, she said there is one incident at one of the KPJ Hospitals, there is one mother took her daughter to the Hospital because her daughter got really high fever, 40'c if I'm not mistaken.. Then the nurse ask the mother, "do you have insurance" and the mother said "no" , then the nurse said "we are sorry that we are full". And the mother replied, "but I have money please just treat my daughter" and the nurse said again, "we are sorry, there is no room here" indeed I was shock to hear about this, but I've heard that other county also like that, if you have no insurance the doctor will not gonna treat you. Just to be safe, better you get yourself protected ! :) cheers..

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