Saturday, March 16, 2013

Phuket Day 3

It's PhiPhi Island day trip ! Yeaaaaaaay.. Soooo excited for this trip ! But it was not like what I had heard and imagined at all when I arrived there !!! What a let down ! But I still enjoyed the trip anyway ! Ihik~

Our room's located on the 5th floor ! So "sempat la" snap picture "dalam lift kan" hikhikhik.. :b we woke up as early as 6:00am okay ! We have to wait for the transport to pick us up at the lobby at 7:40am and the transport only arrived at 8 something ! "Haruslah berbulu tunggu hokayyyy" herghhhhh :/ huhu

While waiting for the transport !

I'm ready for PhiPhi Island ! :D

Journey from our hotel to this pier took about an hour if I'm not mistaken ! We have to wait for another hour plus before we can depart ! :( well, they need to separate us all into a group using color stickers, it's for verifying people who booked this trip with lunch included or not and for those who booked for half day or 1 full day kind of thing.. And then they gave a short (not really short) briefing about the safety and the activities and all.. And just for your info, they (I mean this tour group) doesn't include fins! So, if you want fins for snorkeling u need to rent from this shop and it cost 100 Baht if I'm not mistaken.. So, yup we rented it.. Just to protect your feet from the coral ! :D

We took this tour by speed boat ! Yup ! There are many kinds of packages ! You can choose whether you want to take by speed boat like this or high speed boat (mean it look like this boat but only bigger) and cruise and also canoe ! All different price of coz...
Journey to Loh Samah Bay took about an hour time and weather this time not really good ! Cloudy and raining.. And ofcoz the sea condition really bad but still manage to go.. We were seated in front on the outside, we all get wet before we arrived to PhiPhi Ley all because of the big waves ! It's pretty scary but it was fun thou ! And the most important thing is the experience ! :D

The one in black color shirt is our tour guide for this trip ! She/he asked us to call "her" Beyonce !! Coz her name quite difficult to pronounce ! ;) very good tour guide !

This is where we were seated ! The Chinese specky guy was seasick ! But "poyo" don't want to take the seasick pill ! But half-way throw up ! LOL..

We are here ! Loh Samah Bay, PhiPhi Ley ! Indeed the water is beautiful ! But there are no corals ! Fish is okay but nothing special ! We stopped here for 45 minutes for snorkeling ! Dead corals ! Terengganu much more better !

Few pictures from my snorkeling ! Taken with Olympus TG2 :D

Next stop is Maya Bay ! The place that I wanted to visit the most ! Famous from the movie "The Beach" ;)) we stopped here for half an hour ! More than enough I think.. Too many people here ! The beach was indeed beautiful.. ;)

Hehe.. Done ! Next stop please ! :b

Viking cave...

Monkey Beach ! Cannot go down coz as per tour guide they are very creepy and scary ! So, cannot go near.. Just watch from the boat !

Then we headed straight to PhiPhi Don for lunch ! And sight-seeing ! :D

Our buffet lunch ! Not so bad ! All you can eat !

This is what I ate ! :b

Where we had our lunch !

Time to go to the next stop ! :D

Khai Nok Island !

LOL.. :b

Halal okay? Hikhik

Enjoying himself ! ;)

We arrived back to the pier around 6pm something, then took our earlier transport back to the hotel ! And we reach our hotel around 7pm. Then get ready for dinner.. I think I'll post our dinner in the next entry better.. Chow !

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Farah said...

wow. loh samah bay is so beautiful, cantik sangat!!!! dream of going there with friends this summer, hopefullyyyyy! thanks for sharing your travel stories :D hehe