Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Phuket Day 4

We started our 4th day with breakfast at Patong Corner ! ;) then we checked out from The Gallery Hotel and checked in again to C&N Hotel for another 3 nights.

Here are some pictures from the breakfast ! :b

And this is our transport to pick us up from The Gallery Hotel to C&N Hotel. They also own C&N Resort and Spa somewhere in Patong city as well and I think their resort quite nice too. You can search on the Internet if you like :D

C&N Hotel Lobby

Their reception


Our room ! Yeayyy ! ;b actually this hotel is just near by from The Gallery Hotel you know ! I think it took less than 5 minute walking distance ! But with the big and heavy luggage we decided to ask for their transport ! And if you book more than 3 nights you get free transfer pick up from the Airport ! But in our case, we're not from the Airport so, we discuss with them and thank God they're okay with it ! LOL.. fiewwww~

Yup ! Another mall ! They have quite a lot of mall around the city! Hmmm..

Then I found this ! Whatttttt?! Really?? Is there any wife out there daring enough to send their husband here?? I can't believe this? But if there is no demand there is no "THIS" aite ? Gosh ! Shocking !!! LOL

Something that you should know ! Sharing is caring aite! Hikhik

Beach is quite dirty !

Yes ! This is Patong beach ! Look exactly like Port Dockson beach ! I don't like it so much ! I didn't swim here ! The water looked dirty ! But there are a lot of people, but well, there are a lot of people in Phuket ! So, no big deal ! I'll show you where is the best beach in Phuket for you to hangout ! Cheers :b

So, I guess that's it for now ! Will update some more soon ! Keep it waiting ! Xo :b

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