Thursday, March 14, 2013

Family Holiday Day 2

I just realized that I didn't take their breakfast pictures ! So sorry guys ! Hukhuk~

Little princess breakfast in the Cabana ! :D

Anis, Eva and Dhiya !

Clever girl's play time !

From left : Mom, Effa, Eva, Anis and Ayu(me) ! Yup !! I'm tanned ! So what? LOL.. I just got back from Phuket ! And I live here on the island ! Of coz I've got tanned skin ! :( I am sad again ! Wakakak,. I love my life ! I bet a lot of people wish to have a life like mine. ;))

I took them to "see see, look look" the Estates ! :D

Suppose to be Eva's family picture but mom in the frame pulak ! Hikhik

Eva and husband Chukraq !

Yeah.. At last ! Eva's family picture ! Hikhik

The "Wan" sisters !

So, that's a little on how the Estates look like.. It's even better in real life, you have to come and look for yourself, really.. ;) and this "Estates" costs USD10 thousand for 4D3N and all included even butler, chef, driver, car and food except alcohol. And they have 9 units altogether, different units have different landscape and different size ! For those who might have plan for a private party or something like that, I highly recommend this place ! Absolutely private ! :D and for what you got, I don't think it's expensive at all.. ;) and for 1 unit got 2 or 3 or even 4 bedroom, like I told earlier, different unit got different size. And for 4 room I guess the costs is USD14 thousand.. YUP ! ALL INCLUDED ! BUT NOT ALCOHOL ! :b

Our shuttle.

After the Estate, I took them to Emerald Bay for lunch ! Will update in the next post ! XoXo ;)

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