Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Anniversary

My sister Eva sent me and my husband to the LCCT last week ! she and her family (husband and daughter) ! our flight departs at 6:15pm so, my husband and i left from our hotel to my sister's house around 1:30pm, we picked them up so that my mom can use our car while we are in Phuket ! ;) we left from Cheras around 2:30pm and arrived at LCCT at 3:30pm. Yup the journey from KL to LCCT took around an hour ! :b

Well, everybody knows that we have to be in the Airport at least 2 hour before departure, to do the check-in thingy and the counter will be closed 1 hour before departure ! but my husband already did online check-in, so, we just need to check-in our luggage ! save time coz no need to wait until the counter to open ! we can check-in the luggage at the luggage counter ! ;)

after we settled our check-in thingy, we headed straight to OldTown for lunch ! my brother-in-law needed some rice ! LOL.. but his ended up ordering Mee Curry as OldtTown has the best Mee Curry in Town ! ;))

Eva's family.. got one more coming this June ! :)) can't wait !!

LOL.. funny face from the little Princess !

my gedix ! ;))

Me.... ! :p

time to fly... ;) we don"t have to queue because we bought Hot Seats ! :D

our flight ! AK1924

our Pilots ! ;p

our Flight Attendant ! 

and US !! :D

ofcoz my seat by the window ! ;))

take off view..

Clouds !!

drink only as we still full with lunch

another Flight Attendant..


our Flight.. Alhamdullilah safely landed.. ;)


husband at the Immigration Counter..

me !! ;p

our taxi.. cost us 800 Baht !

the taxi driver said he need to stop here to sign something ! but i think he wanted us to book activity from here ! hmmm.. but we did book through them thou ! we booked 7 activities ! LOL.. and i must say, they are fantastic ! if you guys come for holiday to Phuket, i recommend you guys to book all activities from here ! Phuket Evolution ! they are good agent ! you guys can negotiate the price ! but if you pay less, you will get what you pay for ! ;)) for me if the price around RM200 should be okay ! ;))

this are the agents ! hikhik.. they are all very nice and polite ! actually all Thais are polite ! :D

so, i tell you guys what are the 7 activities that me and husband bought !

  1. Phuket Tour
  2. PhiPhi Island
  3. Simon Cabaret
  4. James Bond Island
  5. Similan Islands
  6. Phuket Fantasea
  7. Siam Niramit

will update more, soon !  XoXo ;)


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