Sunday, March 17, 2013

Phuket Day 3 Dinner !

We had our dinner tonight at The Kitchen restaurant, this restaurant located in the middle of Patong town.. Husband wanted to try their western cuisine ! So, we chose this place. ;)

Chicken Satay..

Siu Mai..

Beef Burger..

Electronic Cigarette

Vapor.. :b

The busiest restaurant ever !

See ! They willing to queue here.. Crazy ! LOL

Before going back to the hotel, stopped here for mani-pedi ! Hikhik

My manicurist ! ;)

Tadaaaaa... LOL.. Well, Phuket is crowded and so are my feet ! Hahahhaa...

Then give a try on their famous Banana Pancake ! Indeed delicious ! Mine is banana chocolate ! Love it !

We are here ! :b

Okayyy.. Seriously that is the biggest fish that I ever seen in my entire life for real ! I don't think people will eat it as the bigger the fish, the tougher their meat will be !

Okay, I am shocked ! Open facial ??! Really???! LOL.. "Perak sekejap"

Another mall !

Happening night life ! :D 
will update more soon !

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