Thursday, March 21, 2013

Phuket Day 4..

Well, continue from the previous entry, we don't have any activity in the day time, so we dicided to go for sightseeing around the city !

Here are some pictures, enjoyyyyy.. ;)

McDonald's for lunch.. Hubs having double cheese burger while I'm having chicken Mcnugget ! :D

Done with the sightseeing.. We wanted to try the pure Thai Massage ! so, we're back to our Hotel for it ! It costs 400 Baht for 1 hour per person !

Pay first ! Hukhuk ;b

Wash your feet before the treatment ! :b


Foot Reflexology !
cost 300 Baht for 1 hour per person !

Haha.. this is showed you how nice the foot reflexology is... until him fall asleep !

Sleepy face !

Our treatment room !

Taraaaaa... Hahahahak :b

to be continue... :b

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