Thursday, May 9, 2013

Time To Go Home

So soon? Hakhak..

I'm ready to go home !

My Departure gift ! Wow.. I've been receiving gifts from them every single day.. Postcard, cap, cookies and now massage oil and Aloe Vera after sun cooling. Thank you soooo much for your hospitality ! I will be back soon ! Hikhik

Our transfer ready...

Can't wait to reach home already !

Must be by the window ! Heeeee

There is a story in this plane ! There is this one guy, I don't know where he came from but he's a Caucasian and pissed drunk and injured on his ankle ! The problem is he's very rude !!! He sat behind me and put his knee behind my seat and hurt my back ! At first I thought he didn't mean to hurt me but then he said.. " you can go and sit anywhere else but I won't remove my knee, ain't happening" and I heard his voice ! He deserves to be slapped ! The flight attendant asked him to put his seat upright but he just ignored. The flight attendant was very angry. I pray to God if he don't stop pushing my seat, I will get up and punch him in the face but then the plane gonna take off soon and all passenger have to be seated and he suddenly got up and walk to the back and all the cabin crew got annoyed by him.. And the leader went to him maybe said something to him and I didn't see him anymore ! Thank GOD !!

Can't take it no more ! Hungreyyyy ! LOL

And we're home !

THE END ! Fiewww~ hikhik


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