Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hey ladies ! Have you heard about tampon? Ofcoz you have! Aite? Haha.. Okay2.. Actually this is my very first time using it ! Really !!! No kidding ! I've heard about it and even

watched "sex and the city" they were all using it ! But I'm scared to try it.. Because I thought its gonna feel like "penis stuck in there" !! Bahahahha.. LOL ! Seriously, I thought its not gonna be comfortable ! But obviously I'm wrong ! It super duper comfy !

Okay.. How the hell did I start wanna try this tampon thingy ! Well, one of my Bestfriend came here few months ago.. And she had her PMS that time and she was still be able to join me swimming ! So, I'm like.. How come? So, she told me that she was using this tampon thing, and yup ! She can swim ! No blood all over the pool ! So, I'm like.. Okay, interesting ! I wanna try that ! And I've been looking and searching for it for about a month ! I couldn't find it anywhere ! My friend said I can get it in any pharmacy! But I couldn't find it !! Stress * LoL

At last I found it in Tesco Sri Manjung ! Fiewww... It hard to find ! I tried looking for it there before but I couldn't find it ! But this time I ask one of the promoter and I think she's quite new there.. And we looking for it together and she found it ! Because this tampon came in a small box ! So, no wonder I couldn't find it before ! Same size with panty liner ! I expect a lot bigger.. :b

So, this is the only brand that they(Tesco Manjung) have ! As you can see I bought 3 different sizes, the big one is for heavy flow, the middle one is for average flow and the smallest one for starter or light flow.

And this is how it looks like ! Very small and comfy ! Seriously ! But I haven't try for the heavy flow one yet.. I only got to try the light flow one.. For the first time using it you gonna feel slightly difficult to put it in and to take it out, but you gonna be just fine for the second one ! ;)) trust me ! Let me try the heavy and average flow and get back to you ! Or you guys can try it and tell me how it feel like.. :D wink*

I know some people got really super duper heavy flow on their 2nd day and 3rd ! And honestly I don't know if this small cute little tampon can help you or not. But you never try, you never know. Aite? ;)) and maybe you just need to change it quite often, but if you use normal pad also you still need to change a lot aite? So, I guess no big deal ! ;) and nowadays, we girls all very fashionable ! So, tanpon would help us on our PMS day ! And I found out that normal PAD can get itchy around our vagina.. So, tampon doesn't ! And I would like to recommend this tampon to all girls out there ! ;) happy trying ! And find out yourself ! Love XOXO :*

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