Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hangout with siblings <3

Hey hooo bloggers ! ;)) what did you guys do last few weeks? Me?? I'm hangout with my sisters ;D ! My 1st and 2nd sister... The 3rd one working so couldn't make it this time.. But next week I'm gonna take her shopping ! Wiyuuuuuu.. ;)

Actually we didn't plan to go out at first.. But I did plan to go out alone to Pavilion as I needed to buy something, but then my Along (the eldest) whatsapp me and asked to join her.. Of coz I would love to go out with her as we rarely could meet each other as I'm staying in Pangkor Laut now and she's working, so, very hard to meet her.. So, this is the opportunity to finally hangout with her.. At first she asked to meet at KLCC.. And I said I cannot drive as my husband not really confident in me driving alone in KL city and I'm not as well.. :/ so, I have to take The Majestic Hotel shuttle bus to go out but that bus only stops at Starhill Gallery In front of Pavilion.. So, at last we decided to met at Pavilion.. And she waited for me in Redbox Pavilion.. We karaoked for 4hours.. And I thought its gonna be expensive as Redbox normally is ! But nope.. For happy hour it's quite cheap.. For 4hours it cost us around RM30 per head plus buffet !! Cheap huh? ;) definitely gonna go there again ! Hewhew~

Ready to meet my sister ! ;)

I'm in the bus ! Alone ! Just me and driver ! :)

We sang this song 'Bunga by Thomas' LOL very funny coz this song is really high pitch ! Not easy to sing this song.. And this is my father's favourite song ! ;))

As soon as we finished with the karaoke, I did my shopping !! I bought myself Body Butter + Hand and Body Lotion + make up pouch by Victoria Secret ! :D I love the smell ! Arggggh.. Faint*

I plan to buy swimming suit at Roxy Store as I'm a member and normally Roxy have nice designs but sadly they didn't ! And they don't have my size !! :( so, we plan to go to KLCC outlet.. Maybe... "Maybe" they got what I want ! Which is NO too! They didn't have what I want too ! And they don't have my size too ! ;( but as I walked out the store I saw Ripcurl ! Noooo.. I'm not Ripcurl girl.. ! But I decided to go in that store for "see see, look look" and guess what ! They have 2 or 3 designs that quite nice but all in black but I don't mind ! I took 1 anyway.. And they had Discount u know ! Buy 2 get 30%.. Buy 3 Get 40% and buy 4 get 50%.. But I bought 2.. 1 set but separate.. So, I got 30%.. Wiyuuuuu.. I wanted to buy 3 sets.. But I had a little bit problem with the other 2 underwear.. So I decided not to take them.. But they are beautiful ! :( I want them..

I wanted to buy Red Lipstick for a while actually and now is the time ! Huahuaaaa.. They are Maybelline ! 1 Red and 1 Brown ! Can't wait to wear the Red 1 ! Hikhik..

I ask 1 kakak at Watson about this tweezer.. I ask her, "kakak, do you have eyelashes tweezer here? And she said.. "Huh?? Tweezer for eyelash? For eyebrow got la.. I've never heard of eyelash one !" LOL.. Kakak.. U must never wear false eyelashes isn't it? Then I went to shu uemura.. Of coz they have right.. They sell false eyelashes after all.. But they only had the grey one, which is boring ! I wanted cute2 ones.. Hikhik.. I wanted to go to Sasa store but I think they're closed already, I don't know I don't think they have Sasa in KLCC.. Anyway, I went to Sephora and looked for it.. At first I thought Sephora didn't have this you know.. Thank God they have ! And F-expensive ! For this one tweezer cost me Rm50.. Tiu.. But it's pink ! So, I took it anyway ! And applied Sephora White member ! Hope I can get discount next time ! Hikhik

Finished with the shopping thingy, we headed to Setapak to pick my 2nd sister (angah and her daughter) up for makan at OldTown Sri Rampai.. Then straight away went back to pangkuan Suami ! Hikhik

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