Friday, January 25, 2013

3D2N in KL !

Last Monday we went back to KL for Hubby's court case.. Hmmm.. Still pending, next month on the 22nd have to go back there for next Mention! Which means we have to postpone our 1st Anniversary treat.. But it's okay.. This case more important to follow up ! ;))

Crazily hungry! So, we stopped by at one of the Mamak Restaurant for breakfast before we start our journey.. I'm having red fried chicken ! The best fried chicken ever ! :D

This is my Monday outfit ;b

We had our lunch at Colonial Cafe at The Majestic Hotel KL ;) as usual, we stayed in Majestic Hotel because it's nearby the Industrial Court :D so easy for Hubs to go there ;)

Booo... LOL :b

My Tuesday outfit ! It's time to spend a day with my family ! ;D

Having Nando's for dinner.. :D sadly my mom, 2 sisters and stepfather working.. So they can't join us.. But it's okay.. We had fun, maybe next time can have 1 big family outing ! ;)

My last day outfit ! Time to go home :( but next week we have to go back KL again.. Hubby have to attend GM meeting ! Yeayyy.. See you soon KL ;D