Monday, January 7, 2013

Hangout with hubs ❤

Haluuuu... Okay, hubs took off day couple of days ago and we took the 5pm boat out and checked-in at Sejati Hotel for a night ! It's Rm78.. Well, Manjung-Sitiawan don't have 5 stars Hotels, even they have we wouldn't gonna go there as we just gonna sleep for a night.. So, look for a cheap and clean hotel bettah ! :b

I'm the driver for these 2 days.. I mean lately.. because I'm trying to get use to the car and the road as well.. So, I drove straight to the Hotel, actually, we usually stay at Radius Hotel but that night their deluxe rooms were fully occupied.. so, had to go to other Hotel, then we decided to try Sejati Hotel, I think they're under the same owner coz the Hotel interior is quite similar.

Well, after check-in we headed straight to Aeon Jusco for early dinner coz we were so F-hungry ! LOL.. But before that, we grabbed a cup of coffee first as I started to get a headache.. I'm a coffee person, so, if I don't get coffee for breakfast and lunch, I'm gonna get real bad F headache.. So, after that we tried Chicken Wings at Wing@Zone.. Quite nice I must say.. But still hungry ! So, we go Chicken Rice Shop ! It's Chicken Day ! LOL :D

So, basically I just shopped for lingerie that day.. Got Pierre Cardin and Cotton Shop.. Love it.. And i also got myself a new denim shorts! Then, we watched The Hobbit.. Well, I' don't really like that genre of movie but I enjoyed it anyway.. ;)

Then, the next day I got myself new cleanser and toner.. It's from Dermalogica.. I love this product ! But i haven't use it yet coz I still have The Body Shop one.. But i always did my facial treatment with Dermalogica. It's not that The Body Shop one not good but it's focus only on whitening which is not really suitable with my skin condition right now.. I have dry skin and uneven skin tone and sometimes oily.. So, I have to buy something like different2 thing but one brand (I don't know how to explain really) LOL.. So, basically, I just have to mix them like cleanser for dry skin, cream for whitening and musk for oily skin, something like that.. LOL.. So, it's cost me Rm430 like that for 2 cleanser and toner.. Big size ! I think it can last for a year ! Depends on how you use it of coz.. ;)

And that's it.. I just love my day out coz I can drive.. LOL.. Well, I just got my driving licence few months ago.. So, still feeling excited when I can drive and a little bit scared as well.. But Yeah.. I love driving for now ! My hubs let me drive to The Gardens Mall last time when we were back in KL.. And that's the very first time I drove into parking mall.. It's really an experience for me.. Also he ask me to park at the rooftop of Aeon Jusco, which is a little bit scary for me.. But I did it ! Soooo Happy ! LOL

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