Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What's New??

Halu.. Hello.. Holla.. Hahaha.. Okay2.. I don't know what to ramble about with u guys.. Thought maybe share what I got for myself lately.. can do.. Haa? :b

Okay.. Lets start with this.. Hahaha.. I bought this through Groupon.com.. Hell yeah it's bloody cheap.. I checked it out at Sephora the last time when I was in KL.. It costs Rm178 or something.. Well it's quite expensive to me...or not.. Whatever.. So I got this for Rm80.. Erk.. Yaaa.. it's cheap right? But I bought 1 only and yap stupid huh.. But hmmm... I didn't know that this palette really good though.. So sad ! Should have bought more !! Lets hope they sell it on Groupon again next time !! ;D

So.. If we have eyeshadow or makeup especially, then we need to have the brushes as well  isn't it?? Okay.. These brushes I got in 2010 I guess.. If I'm not mistaken.. Forgot already but I'm pretty sure that I got it long time ago ! :b but as you can see, it's not complete though, well.. I'm planing to buy more of course.. I want to buy a complete set by MAC.. Hopefully ! Amen ! LOl.. :b
What I got here is.. The big one is Powder Brush, it's for powder of course !!
Then Shadow Blender Brush.. Angled Shadow Brush.. Concealer Brush and Shadow Brush (it's from the palette set actually but I took it out from it coz I hate that palette by Stage.. It's powdery) :b

Then these brushes are from Elianto.. Owhh..yaa.. I used to use Elianto and I like it so much ! I definitely recommend Elianto to all teenagers who like makeup ! Because its affordable and very good makeup and of course if you can't afford the MAC or Makeup Forever or whatever Brand.. Back to the brushes.. Lol.. I got this fiewwww~ Very..very..very long time ago.. Can't remember when but very long time.. ! :b
I think it's a Shadow Brush.. Lol.. Pointed Liner Brush.. Eyeliner Brush but I used it as a Lip Brush.. Lol.. And another Shadow Brush ( this is also from a palette set and the palette finish already and I love this brush so much, so I still used it.. Lol) normally I used this brush for black eyeshadow !! :b

And.. This foundation I just got from FB.. I've been searching for it quite a while and tadaaaaa.. I found it.. But I just bought the trial first coz I'm afraid if it's not suitable with my skin and I have to try to find out which color goes well with my skin color.. :b so, I tried the 4w and 5w and look like both are blending well with my skin tone.. So thought maybe I should use both.. ;) and.. It's a Kryolan Supracolor.. I don't know if you guys know about this product but I think it's really good though.. But I read the review about this product.. It says that this foundation is strictly for I think normal skin type as this foundation quite oily so it's really don't work with oily skin type and pimple skin type as it's gonna stick there ;) and this foundation is from Berlin, Germany ! And it costs about Rm127 for 55ml and it comes with a lot of colors. And it's depending on how u use it, but I think it can last for a few months so, I think it's kinda worth it though.. ;)) 

And last but not least... I finally got myself this !! Sheer Love Body Mist from Victoria Secret !!! Damn I love it soooooo F much ! It's not really expensive though.. It only cost me Rm53 or something.. Definitely gonna get myself 1whole set of this next time ! Arghhhhh.. Really can't wait !! :(

And.. I also spent my time shopping at H&M last time.. And I also bought my little Princess her present for her very first birthday ! Will update what I bought from there on the next entry ! ;) 

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