Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happpppppy New Yearrrrrrrrr to me !

Erkk.. Yeahh, I'm celebrating New Year alone ! As my hubs had to work.. Resort is full house so, they organize a New Year celebration for all the guest in house at the beach ! Emerald Bay.. Why I don't go there? Because I want to watch movie "New Year's Eve " on HBO ! LOL I though they gonna count down together but sadly ! Nope.. They count down at 11:20pm ! And at that time I felt like joining all the guest at the Emerald Bay but then I think again, I have to wait for the transport to get there which is I don't know how long I have to wait and it's already 11:30pm.. And I decided to sleep instead of going there.. :(

I'm drinking sparkling juice ! Non-alcoholic ! Why I bother to explain? Well, I'm afraid of society sometimes... they're too quick to judge others ! :b
I'm having fun !
Okay.. Happy New Year guys ! XOXO ;)

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