Sunday, January 6, 2013

Last Day Of 2012 !

Time flies... Suddenly it's the last day of the 2012 already.. Thank God we are all still alive !! 😁

What am I doing today? Hmm.. Wake up in the morning and be a driver for my husband.. It's his banking day ! LOL.. He told me he got a headache (because I'm driving) now he know how I get a headache when he does the driving for the banking day.. It really makes people get a headache because we have to go to a lot of banks.. Like 4 or 5 banks like that.. And all in different areas.. So.. Now you felt what I felt normally.. LOL.. I'm sorry, I didn't meant to make you feel that way but at least you know I'm not lying.. 😋

After the bank thing.. We straight away went to Aeon Jusco for groceries and buy something for me at Soda/Voir because I have a Rm10 voucher and it valid till today.. So, got me a new shirt.. Yeahhhh.. LOL

XXX.. Rm119 - Soda/Voir member discount + Rm10 Voucher from previous = Rm89 ;0

I decide to cook for tonight plus Resort seems busy, Full House actually.. So, better save the table for the guest coz they're paying.. LoL.. So, I plan to cook Sambal Ayam, petola masak air and ikan goreng garing.. Nyameyyyyyh 😬 

And we had brunch at OldTown.. Then take away Starbucks Coffee and BigApple Donuts ! 6psc only as my husband not allowed to take a lot of sweet.. And I'm not really "the eater" person.. 😝

ermmmmm.. F' delicious :D

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