Wednesday, January 9, 2013

O O.. It's January !

Okay.. It's January which mean next month is my very 1st anniversary ! Huh :0 where to go? What to do? :b

Well well.. Me and my hubs are planning to go somewhere to celebrate our 1st anniversary plus honeymoon "again" :D yeayyy ! Where? Let's keep it a secret first ! ;b hope everything goes as planned ! Amin ! ;))

So, must be a lot of people curious about Ammar junior or Ayu junior? Well, still in progress but don't worry I will tell the whole world if I've got any good news ;) for those who already have one, Congratulations ! To those who still no luck let's not give up just yet. Put some effort In Shaa Allah, there will be for you. :D

Have a nice day buddy ❤


LOL.. xx :b


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