Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wax it OFF !!

Guys !! Okay this was supposed to be updated a long time ago.... But as I told u before.. I'm using this useless iPad so, I can't upload picture ! And I have to wait for my hubs and I'm lazy and bla..bla..bla.. Whatever.. Better late than nevah ! Huhu~

So, as you guys know.. Or maybe dunno... so, I'm telling you now.. LOL.. I joined the VEET IT OFF contest last time.. Which is over a long time ago and I think there is nobody talking about it anymore except me.. LOL.. Well, I'm a little bit left behind on this but I'll make sure I'm not gonna be left behind anymore !! I will update my blog as fast as I can ! ;b fieww

Then I received an e-mail from Nuffnang ! It's the name list of the winners! Still hoping that I'm the winner !! But I try to accept the disappointment ! But as I look at the name list ! Wait... Hang on a sec ! Is that what I think it is ?! OMAiGod !! My name ! There.. Consolation prize ! But still.. C'mon.. I'm one of the winner among a lot of others contestants.. Isn't it Awesome ?! Sooooo happy ! Thank you Nuffnang and Veet !!! XX

So, I got back to KL and pick up my Prize at nuffnang office.. Doraisamy area.. ;) as I arrive at their office, I felt happy as their office very colorful and happy and cheerful; not just the office... even the people who work in the office are cheerful and friendly.. ;D can I work there? Are there any vacancies? LOL.. Love them ! ;))

I wanted to take more pictures of their office but I was scared.. I thought they gonna say "sorry girl, u can't take pictures here" omaigad.. It's embarrassing ;b But they didn't say that.. And I felt stupid for not taking a lot of pictures ! And I also wanted to take picture with them but I'm scared to ask.. Hukhuk~ :(

So, this is how the hamper look like.. It is my 1 year supply or maybe 2 years ! :D save moneyh ! LOL..
Then I gave it a try to wax it off ! Surprise, surprise.. Doesn't felt pain at all.. I always scared to use wax.. Coz I thought wax is painful and hurt and harmful.. To my leg.. LOL.. But it doesn't ! Really ! I was shocked ! But it's fun !

Then I tried on my armpit but sadly the hair doesn't came out ! So I used cream then 'pang' it's hurtful ! It was really painful ! I wash it all out.. But demn ! It's still hurt for 2 bloody days ! I can't even move my arm ! And now I scared to used wax on my armpit anymore ! No.. Not gonna use it for evah.. ! But..I know it's not fair.. Coz I used wax then I put cream.. It was my fault but I hate that wax ! LOL.. Sorry veet ! But I still love the cream though ! ❤❤❤ ;x

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