Monday, December 10, 2012


okay guys.. i've been watching in instagram for a very long time i guess.. i suppose this is a trend nowadays.. and i have to admit that this is cool.. i like it very much..and i've been looking for a store that sells this trendy material but nope, can't find it.. or cannot find the cheapest 1 i think..LOL..

but somehow i found it in 1 boutique in Manjung, well, its like Wholesale kind of boutique.. that carry China clothing.. but i bought it anyway... can't miss this opportunity.. LOL

here they are.. 

they got this 3 designs only..i will buy some more.. if you guys know where to buy please let me know.. i really like the art.. the Tribal thing.. so, awesome !! im looking for legging, skirt and shirt ! thanks ;))

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