Tuesday, November 13, 2012


21.02.2012 is My Very Special Date !

LOL..it's already 9month I've been married to Ammar Kevin Eu aka Ananda Kevin Eu Tse Wai.. He is a Chinese guy and converted to be a Muslim on 26.01.2012 a month before we got married.. :D we've been together about 4 years before we decided to get married.. He is a divorcee with no kids.. Hopefully he will be blessed with a lot of kids this time..LoL.. I
would love to give him as much as I could ;)) Amin !LOL

i really love the touch by kak naza ! i found her on Facebook ( shaliz Derina Nazrin). she is a makeup artist. it is worth it to pay 500 and the make up last for a day. plus i only did a solemnization that's all. so, i have to say that i really satisfied with her ! :D

henna by kak nad ! loveeee it.. just the way i want it ! also found her on Facebook ;) 
Nadia Khalid Nadhenna.

here come the funny part.. LOL.. my dad told me few days before the solemnization.. he said he wanna 'akad' first before the solemnization coz he is a shy old man.. LOL.. when my 1st n 2nd sister solemnization his had to "akad" infront of the guest. so, he don't want to do that this time.. what a surprise he had to "akad" infront of the guest again this time plus with a microphone !! LOL.. 

now this is the moment ! alhamdulillah with 1 breath i'm now belong to him (my husband)

the agreement has been made.. ! ;))

dowry from the groom to the bride.

the Rings is the simbol :D

husband and wife

picture with families and friends

hubby and wifey <3

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