Monday, October 29, 2012


Hokay guys.. so sorry about the comercial break.. :b lets continue with the honeymoon story ! shall we?! ;D

after we checkout from Tanjung Jara Resort(TJR) we straight away heading to Kuantan ! not far away from Terengganu, it take like 2hour journey by car pass Paka and Kerteh and u can also  see Petronas (refinery) along the way..

as usual.. welcome note :D and a fruit basket.. love the grapes.. they were very sweet :b

our bed :)) simple but i like it..  we stayed here for 2D1N only.. this is our 1st visit after 4 years leaving this place.. :0

im not sure whether this picture taken at Vistana Kuantan (VKN) or Vistana KL (VKL) since both Hotel look exactly the same.. huhu

we stayed at VKL for 3D2N then continue our honeymoon at Gold Coast Morib :D

Suddenly im thinking that u guys must be curious to know how much all the Hotel n Resort cost a night.. isn'it? .. well, here is their website.. :D

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