Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort

3rd Anniversary ❤️

Well, to be honest the original plan was to go to Bali, for the 100th time we've been planing to go there but it always doesn't happen, I don't know why... Guess it's just not meant to be yet. Hmmm.. So, the backup plan was Singapore, and because of our date is always not the right timing, you know with the Chinese New Year... so, the hotels are all fully booked or at least the hotel that we wanted to stay were full house, so, no luck again! Actually, I've always wanted to try The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort for about 2 years I've been wanting to go there, so, this seemed like the perfect timing to go visit ! And so it is.. Finally, we chose The Chateau, Bukit Tinggi.

after about 2 hours journey from Gambang, we're here.. wihuuuu..

 fyi : only in-house guess are allow to enter the Resort. What privacy huh :D

Checking in..

Honey-Lemon-Mint welcome drink

Got the key..

What a view.. loving it..

 very nice room.. i find the size of the room quite small. so, it feels quite crowded but overall it's a nice short "very short" vacay.. heee

Simple yet elegant.. according to the front desk girl who took us to the room, she said they suppose to put a fruit basket and chocolates for honeymooner but it seem like we came slightly early so, the room wasn't ready.. but they will put it for turn-down later. 

 we had lunch at La Vie Restaurant overlooking the pool.

i love the feeling.. arghhhh..

 off to Colmar Tropical after lunch

 5min walking distance but we took the resort shuttle.. how spoiled are we? hahaa

 too many people.. can't stand crowded, 5min there then we walked back to the resort. fieww.. tiring ;p

 let's pose at the Resort.. ;p

Belle Vue tea room

 hangout in the room while waiting for our spa time..

yeayy.. time for a massage !

Romantic Anniversary dinner..


 L'Entrée .. wasn't really my liking.. it's coconuty ! :P

 Le Plat Principal : but this is actually my husband's.. i was having Barramundi but i didn't take any picture but it was insanely délicieux ! 

Le Dessert.. Magnifique !

night stroll at Colmar Tropical


 The Reception


 ready for bedtime

 Homemade organic chocolate 

 Japanese Tea Garden

Time to go home..  till next time. xx

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