Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Braces !!

Gosh !! I can't believe I have abandoned my blog for sooooo long !! And I'm soo sorry for not updating my braces journey with u guys who have been waiting patiently "maybe no longer patient now" bahahaa.. I just re-read my blog and saw a few comments which I was not aware of, and these comments were from last year :0 hee.. Sorry I didn't respond to any of your comments, that's because I didn't read them. If I did I will definitely reply them, seriously, Heee :D

So, Yup... I have been wearing braces since April last year. Well, many people who use to wear them always told me that it was very painful especially on the first day of the installation and every few days when the doctor tightens up the braces. Well, from my personal experience, it wasn't that bad, not that unbearable painfulness, I just felt a little uncomfortable.. Absolutely bearable pain. 

Price range.. Well, different clinics offers different prices. Mine is 5500MYR excluding consultation, scaling, extractions, mold, X-Rays and Retainers. Total more or less 7000++MYR. For the installation I have to pay upfront 1500MYR and monthly I paid 200MYR but it actually up to you how much you want to pay monthly. I just thought it's easier to pay 200MYR every month.. Ngee 

Overall, wearing braces is totally fun. I felt more cute now.. Bahaha.. Please vomit ! Heee.. Everything is, so far so good.. To everyone who's been planning to wear them but still having seconds thoughts, please just go with it.. It's not that scary and not that expensive.. well, it's expensive but you don't need to pay all at once, so, you won't feel it like that expensive. Heeee ;p

Feeling awesome as hell ! Teheee.. ;p

Didn't I look cute?! Hahaaaa ;p

I'm still wearing them now and I'm not that excited to take them off just yet, because, I feel soooooo awesome wearing them.. Bahahaa.. "Whatevah". Okay, I think that's all about braces.. Till next time love XX

P/S : should you have any questions please don't hesitate to put it in comments down below.. XX

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