Friday, April 12, 2013

Canoeing Part 2

Honestly, I don't really like to canoe becoz I'm scared ! Of crocodiles ! Hahaha.. And I did this for my beloved husband ! He's very excited to do this, can't let him down though ! But after my first experience ! I have to say it's quite fun ! I will do this again ! Hell yeahhh... Hikhik...

On our way to the next point for canoeing !

Our canoe !

Canoeing in the cave !

You have to be very careful here or you will hurt your head ! And it's really dark inside !

It's starting to pour! And the waves are quite scary ! But we still enjoyed our canoe activities !

I'm trying to canoe ! But the canoe just don't want to move ! :( hahaha..

See his very very happy face?! ;)

Okay ! We had so much fun ! Now time to go back ! ;)

Owh ya.. I like to share some tips with you guys ! Normally, husband and I will take 2 tablet of Panadol Actifast after every trip that we go ! Just to protect ourself from fever or flu and so on.. And it works ! Just sharing ! ;)

Kbye ! Xx



Wendy Ayche said...

"Cool post!
Much love,
"Really enjoyed this post <3

Ayue Hazali Eu said...

Thank you Wengie 😍 !!
I love your blog ! You are sooo pretty ! 💕